Not Sure If You’re In Love? 11 Signs You Definitely Are! | POPxo
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Not Sure If You’re In Love? 11 Signs You Definitely Are!

Not Sure If You’re In Love? 11 Signs You Definitely Are!

Love is strange. It can happen at any time with anyone, without us really being able to control it. You may not know it yet, or may even be in denial, but are you actually in love? Here are a few signs that say you are...

1. No matter how angry you are with him…

You still want to be around him and talk to him. You just can’t imagine not having him in your life!
signs you have fallen in love

2. Even when you’re together and doing nothing at all…

You never feel like you’ve wasted any time. Time spent with him always feels like time well spent.

3. Every little thing makes you think of him…

And you can’t wait to tell him the little mundane everyday things.   signs you have fallen in love

4. You always have more fun when he’s around!

Even going to a completely boring party seems non-boring just because you have him as company.

5. Even though you hate admitting it…you care way too much about his feelings!

You never want to upset or hurt him, even if it means upsetting someone else in the process at times. signs you have fallen in love

6. You read his text messages over and over!

And keep trying to look for hidden meanings or hints in the things he says!

7. You actually imagine having a future with him…

Even though you tell yourself to shut up because it's a crazy thought according to your rational side!
signs you have fallen in love

8. You have a million questions about/ for him

You want to know everything about him! And you just can’t help but be super curious about his life.

9. You have more energy and are happier when he’s around…

Even your friends tell you that all the time! Your terrible mood suddenly changes and becomes the best mood when you see him. signs you have fallen in love

10. You mentally make notes of the things he likes…

His favourite food, his favourite colour, his favourite drink. You have it all chalked down. 

11. You defend him even when he’s not around…

And actually even get offended when your best friend says the slightest of negative things about him! signs you have fallen in love Images: GiphyTumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: Girl, He’s Totally Crazy About You! 25 Signs That Say So… MUST-READ: 15 Signs The Chemistry With Him Is NOT Just In Your Head!
Published on Nov 27, 2015
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