11 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Are An Imaginative Person!

11 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Are An Imaginative Person!
“Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will take you everywhere”. No one else could’ve said it better than the genius Albert Einstein himself. Imagination is what sets us apart and why we are where we are today. The ability to curve away a little from the mundanity of life, think outside the box and build an entire new universe in your mind is indicative of a great imagination. If you’re the kind who loves to live life chasing fairies and creating new things, then this is for you. Here are 11 things you’ll get if you have a fabulous imagination.

1. You daydream. A Lot!

More than you will ever dream at night. It seems like your brain is wired to involuntarily create scenarios in your mind and let’s admit it - you have a ball! There is no denying that you have thought more than once that you would make a pretty good filmmaker if you had the chance.

2. You love travelling and exploring new things

You get easily bored and you’re always on the lookout to travel and explore new places. You love experiencing new things and travelling seems to calm down your imaginative, restless soul.

3. You enjoy reading and watching fantasy and sci-fi

Ever since you were a kid, you have probably watched more fantasy and sci-fi movies than other types of movies. You know Marvel and DC like the back of your hand, you make random Harry Potter references and you would always prefer these to movies based on reality.

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4. You have been accused of not paying attention (which is true)

Whether you are in class or simply having a conversation with you friends, they always seem to assume you are not paying attention. Truth be told, your attention span when it comes to “real talk” is the size of a peanut. And you’d rather daydream about the finer things in life - a quirky bag, a pretty stylish dress or a bright sweater from Chumbak!

5. Arts and crafts? Bring it on!

When you let your imagination run free, you get them creative juices flowing. You’re always the one to excel in art, writing or craft and you enjoy it more than anything else.

6. Everything you own reflects your imaginative personality!

You do not settle for anything that doesn’t define you in one way or the other. Whether you’re picking a dress or a bag - you just won’t seem to like anything that isn’t as exciting or whimsical.

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Image: Chumbak

7. You have been asked to grow up...time and again

You are still a little too attached to fairytales because it takes you to an imaginary world that you so love. Because of this, people have asked you to stop being a kid and to grow up. They don’t get it that fairytales and fiction aren’t just for kids.

8. You like to challenge the status quo

You’re not the one to be a happy conformist. You question norms and ask “Why not?” instead of always abiding by what you have been told.

9. You are quite the DIY pro (and proud of it)

Ever looked at a expensive wall hanging in a store and thought you could make that at home yourself...and you do? You love creating new things out of things that you already have and you’re fabulous at it.

imaginative person

10. You find yourself talking to yourself sometimes, which is...not cool, but so cute!

In-between the numerous thoughts and conversations you have in your head, sometimes you catch yourself thinking out loud...or even having a conversation with yourself. It’s not cool, but it’s kinda cute.

11. You are happy most of the time

You don’t like to be concerned with the  trivial things that make people unhappy. You like to invest that time and energy planning your next project or reading about Mars. You live life to be happy and #MakeHappy and spend your time thinking about things that could make the world a better place. Just like Chumbak’s brand philosophy - #MakeHappy!

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