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#HeSays: How To Tell If Your Guy Is Really Serious About You!

#HeSays: How To Tell If Your Guy Is Really Serious About You!
Yes, there are some relationships we enter that we don't see going anywhere. But it's not like we’re never looking for something serious. So when we do find a girl we can actually see a future with, we pretty much go all out in letting her know that she's special to us. Here are the 7 things we do that mean that we are really serious about you.

1. Always offer to help

No matter what kind of a situation you're stuck in, we'll always offer to help as much as we can. It can even be something small as offering some tech advice to your dad, we'll do it without hesitation. We just want to make life a little bit easier for you. And your family.

2. Ask you for updates

We actually retain all the things you tell us even if it's about your friends or your work. We're genuinely interested and we will ask you how a meeting you mentioned a week ago ended up going. We care about the things that happen during your day, even when we're not around.

signs he really cares

3. Include you in our lives

You'll be invited to family dinners and even the the not-so-formal hanging out with samosas and chai. It's not like we're proposing tomorrow but we do want you to get comfortable with our family members sooner or later.

4. Invite you for our plans

We want you to meet everyone. We'll introduce you to our chaddi buddies and even to our work colleagues. So you might end up getting invited everywhere we go, just because of that. We really enjoy making you meet every person in our lives, close or not-so-close.

signs he really cares

5. Think of you when we’re holiday planning

You know that holiday we were planning for the year end? That's not just a holiday for one anymore. You're part of all the plans we make, may they be for a weekend getaways (most of those will be BECAUSE of you) or for the much awaited week long vacation in the future.

6. Remember the small things

Your allergies, your ice cream flavor preference, and other little stuff that you might think we don't notice but we kind of do. At least when it comes to you. So when we randomly ask the waiter if your dish has peanuts, it's only because you couldn't share the one we ordered last time.

signs he really cares

7. People close to us are thinking about you too!

It’s an established fact that we're really serious about you. All of our best friends and siblings know that. So when our cousins invite you for birthday parties and our sisters want to go shopping with you? It’s a sure sign that they know what you mean to us.

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