Girl, He’s Totally Crazy About You! 25 Signs That Say So…

Girl, He’s Totally Crazy About You! 25 Signs That Say So…
Here's an ode to the times that your boyfriend should honestly be winning the cutest human award! Also, if you didn't know it already, this should tell you - he's crazy about you. *All the heart emojis in the world* :D

1. When he says he knows you're low and keeps cracking awful jokes to cheer you up!

1 - signs he loves you

2. When you have PMS and he’s extra careful around you.

3. When he knows you’re tired, so you get back to an already planned out evening. And such comforting plans he’s made!

3 - signs he loves you

4. When he has something important to tell you, but he lets you finish whining about your horrible day at work first!

5. When you ask him for the zillionth time how you look, and he answers with an unwavering smile, “You look awesome as always.”

5 - signs he loves you

6. When he doesn’t point out how you are attacking the pizza and getting all the best pieces (the ones with extra cheese, duh!).

7. When he introduces you to his friends and he’s super excited about it.

7 - signs he loves you

8. When he holds your hand in a crowded place.

9. When he waits patiently as you jabber with a friend whom you just bumped into on the street.

9 - signs he loves you

10. When he understands and accepts your wishes to take things slow under the sheets.

11. When he can’t wait for you to wake up on a Sunday because he wants to make plans. (But he lets you sleep for as long as you want, of course.)

11- signs he loves you

12. When he watches a Rom Com with you even though there’s a great new Sci Fi movie at the theatres.

13. When you wear Indian clothes and he looks at you a certain way.

13 - signs he loves you

14. When he talks about the future and casually references you being in it.

15. When he laughs at your jokes as though you are the funniest human on the planet.

15 - signs he loves you

16. When he calls you hot even though you know you look like crap on that day!

17. When he lets you do all the weekend planning (without putting up a fuss!).

17- signs he loves you

18. When he gets super excited that you met or spoke to his family.

19. When he waits for you patiently as you take the 100th selfie of the evening.

19 - signs he loves you

20. When you guys fight and he messages you a few hours later saying that he sees your point.

21. When he lets you play Adele’s new song on loop in the car, even though he doesn’t like it.

21 - signs he loves you

22. When he gets you coffee from Starbucks (that too, just how you like it) without you even asking!

23. When he makes you a handmade card or writes you a letter on your birthday.

23 - signs he loves you

24. When he tells you all about his childhood dreams and silly fears.

25. When he tells you he loves you, every single day.

25 - signs he loves you

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