#HeSays: 11 Secrets Guys Keep From Their Girlfriends

#HeSays: 11 Secrets Guys Keep From Their Girlfriends
Yes, we try our best to be as honest in our relationships with you ladies as possible, but there are some things that we strongly feel are best not discussed! Not because we want to hide stuff from you, but because bringing them up seems rather pointless. In case you’re curious, here are a few (quite harmless!) secrets guys keep from their girlfriends...

1. We do check out other women and rate them as hot.

And think that if we were single, we might have liked to hit on them. Please know that there’s no active intention or desire to cheat on you - it’s just appreciation of another attractive human being.

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2. We probably watch more porn than you suspect.

Um. Yeah. Sorry. (And we fantasize about some pretty random stuff as well.)

3. We do stalk you on social media sometimes.

Especially your interactions with your ex. It’s harmless enough, but we like to check in on things once in a while. Idle curiosity, mixed with some possessiveness, if you’d like.

4. Sometimes, we make romantic gestures not because we’re into them but because you are.

Hey, don’t judge us. We do it because it makes you happy! Which, in turn, makes us happy.

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5. We sometimes tune out of conversations when you’re talking about people we don’t know.

Because...we don’t know them! So it’s not very interesting.

6. If an old friend says something crass about a girl, we might let it slide instead of calling him out on it.

Since he’s an old friend, we know there’s very little chance of changing him - and his other good qualities is why we’re friends. So we’d rather not get into an argument that we know is going nowhere.

7. We know who your bestie is, of course, but your second-closest or third-closest friends? We don’t always remember which one is which.

We’re sure they’re all great, but often we only register that they’re people you’re close to. Mostly, they just belong to an umbrella category called “your friends”, and also one called “nice people”.

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8. There are days when we don’t necessarily miss talking to you if we don’t meet.

That’s not to say we don’t miss you. Just that we didn’t think of anything particular to talk about. And even though you were on our minds, we didn’t really feel the need to pick up the phone and call.

9. We might have had better sex with someone else.

Which is actually completely irrelevant, because we love having sex with you. So nothing to discuss, really!

10. The thought of commitment and monogamy sometimes freaks us out.

Even if we are in a committed, monogamous relationship with you. Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with you - it’s just that the thought of “Never again will I...” can feel a tad overwhelming. It passes soon enough.

secrets guys keep 10

11. We don’t always notice when you put on or lose weight.

You are you, and beautiful to us just as you are. A few pounds here and there are so insignificant in the face of that...we might not even notice until you point it out to us!

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