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DPS vs Modern: Which Is The Cooler School?!

DPS vs Modern: Which Is The Cooler School?!
The rivalry is legendary! And even if you never went to either Modern School or Delhi Public School, you're certainly aware of the tension that always existed between the two. Here we give them a chance to battle it out, once and for all! Any guesses as to who will come out on top?!

1. Less is more?!

DPS: We have more branches than the number of rooms you have in your schools - combined!

Modern: Even with just 2 branches in Delhi, we're obviously enough to compete with you. So what would happen if we had even one more, huh?

2. Competition time!

DPS: Our football and basketball teams have absolutely no match at all. You know you're kidding yourself if you think we're wrong!

dps student life dps and modern

Modern: Literally all of Delhi attends our fests, just because they're THAT good. Even people who have already passed out from school!

modern student life dps and modern

3. Uniform Appeal

Modern: We actually had the option of wearing a salwar suit that looked half decent and not like we were going to a funeral.

DPS: Um, hello. Have you SEEN our winter uniforms?! Green Monte Carlo sweater FTW.

4. Bright future?

DPS: ALL the toppers were from our school. We literally always beat you at academics.

dps competitions dps and modern

Modern: Forget academics, Modernites were taught to be all rounders and not just book smart!

modern competitions

5. Street cred!

DPS: While some people MAY think our school's only famous because it's been around for so long, guess what? Everything you do, we've already done better!

Modern: People might think we're snobs. But we have good reason to be proud of our school and people just confuse that for superiority complex.

6. It’s raining boys!

DPS: Even if you leave the sports teams out, we have a really huge pool of cute boys! A bit nerdy, but what's not to love about a guy in a blue blazer who also has a sense of humour?

dps guys

Modern: The guys in our school knew all the ways to sneak out of school or played in the band! I mean, could there be any better qualities?!

modern guys

7. School motto = life mantra

DPS: Service Before Self. Because we believe in achieving excellence not just for ourselves but for others as well.

Modern: Self-realization cannot be achieved by the weak willed. Because our school believes in determination and hard work, no excuses!

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