13 Reasons EVERY Girl Needs A Bengali Bestie!

13 Reasons EVERY Girl Needs A Bengali Bestie!
The Bengali girl is one who’s in a league of her own. From her love for literature to her passion for life, she’s one girl who gives everything her all. Including friendship. Here are just a few reasons why you need her as your bestie!

1. She will make sure you’re well-fed. At all times.

Whether it’s a celebratory drink because you got a promotion, or an evening of drowning your sorrows in alcohol - you can depend on her to make sure you’re doing none of this on an empty stomach. Food makes her happy, and she’ll make sure there’s enough of it around to make you happy too.

2. She’s the most perfect going-out companion you’ll ever have.

Almost every Bong girl has some form of musical or dance training or the other. So either she’ll happily belt out those numbers on a Karaoke night, or keep you company as you dance till you drop. And she’s pretty great to have around at those mehendi and sangeet practices too.

3. She’ll help you drape that sari like a PRO.

She’s grown up watching the women in her family do it, and she’s probably been doing it herself too since she was a kid. All those dance lessons, you know.

bengali best friend 3

4. Need a spell-check? Call your Bengali bestie!

It’s true. Most of them have a bit of a grammar nazi hiding within their souls. Your resume or a long message to your crush on Facebook - she’s the best person to proofread any and all of your important communications.

5. She has a whole bunch of random skills that come in super-helpful in the most unexpected situations.

Need to alter the cuff of a blazer? She can help. Need to figure out how to make your washing machine start working again? She can help. Need to move to a different city and have no idea what to do? She can call someone who can help. It’s weird, but Bong girls seem to have the solutions to the world’s most odd problems at their fingertips.

6. And she takes it as a personal failure if she can’t solve a problem for you.

A Bengali girl might say no once because she truly doesn’t know the answer to your question, but be advised that the next item on her agenda is to figure. it. out. By the time the question comes up the second time around, her knowledge of the subject will be...encyclopaedic.

bengali best friend 6

7. She’s also a treasure trove of weird but useful life hacks.

Toothpaste to soothe a burn, cold milk to remove ink stains - she’s got all sorts of tricks up her sleeve. And wonder of wonders, they are effective too!

8. She’s the “never say no until you’ve tried it at least once” kind of friend.

Whatever you have on your mind - indulging in some mild contraband, going bungee-jumping, trying out some bizarre cuisine that you’ve only just heard of - she’s your go-to girl. She has an appetite for the world, and she’s not afraid to experiment. She’s an adventurous soul.

9. She’ll also never let you stay unaware of what’s happening in the world, or even amidst your friends.

She has a voracious appetite for news, gossip, current affairs - everything, really. And she has an opinion on all of it. If you’re her friend, you too will always remain updated (whether you want to or not) on what’s happening!

bengali best friend 9

10. Unless you’re a fauji kid who’s been brought up on alcohol, she can probably match you drink for drink.

And maybe out-drink you, your boyfriend and your most sharaabi uncle too. This is one girl who really knows how to hold her alcohol - and when to stop!

11. She also probably gets along shockingly well with your family, especially your parents.

She’s just so damn charming to them all, and knows just the right things to say to people to make them laugh and put them at ease. In fact, if you ever come home from a night out with cuts and bruises because she convinced you to climb a tree - and tell your parents it was her idea, they might actually not believe you! ;-)

12. You never have to worry about awkward silences with her.

Talking comes naturally to her. In fact, sometimes you just might have to ask her to shut up for a bit. Though she’ll probably argue with you about it - and win that argument too. Her capacity for debate is just endless. :P

bengali best friend 12

13. And she has a heart that’s as big as her whole community (and it’s a pretty large community, you know - them Bengalis are just everywhere!)

You’ll rarely find a more loyal, committed and loving friend than her. She’s the ultimate soul sister.

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