Just One Month To Glowing Skin (It’s THIS Easy!)

Just One Month To Glowing Skin (It’s THIS Easy!)
My beauty routine consists of washing my face and then applying lip balm before heading out of the house. It has been the same since I was in college. I don’t even use sunscreen. And for the longest time, I thought I had really great skin. That was until Olay educated me that skin ageing in Indian women starts early and what I thought were skin issues due to the sun and lack of vitamins (I’m talking dark spots, patchy skin, dullness) were actually signs of ageing. It was funny how these guys thought I needed anti-ageing, for I’m not even close to 30, but apparently, your skin can look 30 even when you are 20, as your skin age can be different than your real age.  So I took up their offer and gave their products a week to “change the way I feel about my skin”. This is my story and I know a lot of girls will relate to it…

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Week 1: The Sceptic

Every morning, I’d pick up the Olay Total Effects 7 In One Anti-Ageing Serum and smirk - they really think my skin needs help? Hmmph! I’d pump some serum onto my palms and apply it all over my face and neck. I remember being surprised by how easily the serum spread easily and evenly every time. A light serum with a very pleasant, mild fragrance - okay so brownie points for that!

I’d used the eye cream before leaving for work every day. A tinted cream with a light, easy-to-apply texture, this cream instantly soothes the area around my eyes. I understood why when I read the ingredients list - it consists of aloe vera and cucumber extracts that cool the area and provide a calming effect. I followed up the eye cream with the Olay Total Effects 7 In One Anti-Ageing Night Cream before going to bed every day. The packaging was nice. The ash grey jar with a black cap contains an easily applicable cream. “Meh”, I thought, just like the other night creams I’ve used...

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Week 2:  The First Signs

...I was wrong. I woke up every day of week 2 with skin that felt fresh and plump. The night cream definitely repaired some damage. I followed the same routine as the first week, except I also started using the Olay Total Effects 7 In One Anti-Ageing Day Cream during the day. I would apply it when I got to work and then follow this with the night cream when I got home.

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The end of the second week is when I started seeing a slight difference in the appearance of my skin. Now, I take great pride in my skin and how it has been in top shape even without using any products all these years. I was mistaken. My skin could look even better and it already showed! The dark spots started fading and I could see fewer marks and lines - I never even knew I had them!

Week 3: The Difference  

When Olay first approached me, I was a sceptic. Nothing could make me budge from my lip gloss and face wash routine. I took up this challenge thinking I had great skin. I didn’t. My skin was ageing and I didn’t even know it. For a product to make a difference to my skin in a month is a great deal and I’m still quite surprised that the Olay Total Effects range has done that.

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I went out over the weekend this week, to brunch with friends. I realised I didn’t need a lot of makeup on my skin. Just a red lipstick, some eyeliner and I were ready to go. Usually, I apply a primer base, a concealer, a foundation, a lipstick and eyeliner before stepping out for special occasions. There was some sort of positive transition that my skin was going through, I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Week 4: The Believer

This week was pretty much the same as the past three weeks. I have formed a routine- I start my day with the serum, the day cream and some eye cream. And then, before bed, I use some night cream.

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I woke up every day of this week to check my skin in the mirror. I smiled at myself with the results - soft, moisturised, healthy, spotless skin. It makes me question my entire skincare routine all these years. I wasted time thinking I had good skin while the weather, pollution and stress kept damaging it from inside-out. All this time could’ve been spent having glowing skin like I do now. I was wrong about being too young to try anti-ageing. And I’ve been converted, quite clearly, from a sceptic to a believer.

I now step out of the house without makeup, and even without my lip gloss at times. It’s the kind of confidence that comes with clear, glowing skin I guess. I’m continuing with the Olay routine. For if in a month, my skin has visibly changed, I can’t wait to see what prolonged use will do for it.

*This is a sponsored post for Olay