WHAT? Shoes That Make You Taller And Slimmer?!

WHAT? Shoes That Make You Taller And Slimmer?!
This story was updated in February 2019.

Why should you be getting nude coloured shoes? Because they are a classic pair of must-have shoes in your wardrobe, plus celebs swear by this for their red carpet appearances. These are the shoes that make you taller and slimmer instantly, and they pretty much go with every outfit of yours and are considered as the “new” black! If these reasons are not enough, then what is? Get your hands on these gorgeous hued pairs because after you read about how they revolutionize your style, you would want to run and grab them!

Shoes That Make You Taller

Wanna look taller and thinner? Here are the 10 nude shoes that make you look thinner and taller. Have a look at them to know the details!

1. They Lengthen Your Legs!

1 nude shoes

Wearing the right kind of nude heels gives an illusion of longer legs as they blend with the colour of the skin and visually make you look taller too. To add that extra height you can opt for platform shoes as well! This right here is a classic pair of pumps which can never go wrong! The pointed toes and the stilettos make this one super stylish and a definite WANT!

POPxo Loves: New Look Patent Pointed Court Shoes (Rs 2095)

2. They Make Your Feet Look Slimmer

2 nude shoes

Did you know that a pair of shoes can make you look thinner? Pointed shoes make the feet appear slimmer because it narrows down in front thus making it look elongated in the best way! Opt for this pair of flats for that edge. The colour doesn’t stand out against your skin and merges so well that your feet look slender!

POPxo Loves: My Foot Bow Detailed Flats (Rs 1,099)

3. They Are Part A Top Celebrity Style Trick

3 nude shoes

You would have seen a lot of celebrities wearing nude shoes to get that gorgeous look on the red carpet. And this is not recent, it has been going on for a while! Why wouldn’t it? These shoes have the power to transform your look! It adds elegance to your already amazing personality and makes your legs look even longer, slimmer and dreamier!

POPxo Loves: Flying Wardrobe Cut-out Court Shoes (Rs 2,495)

4. They Are A Great Asset To Have In Your Wardrobe!


Nude shoes (especially pumps) have been around for a while and trend reports reveal that they are not going out of style anytime soon! The simple reason being, they can be taken out of your closet only once in a while but they will always be your best friend in times of desperate need when you simply cannot find something matching to wear! These peep toes should be your pick - they go with practically everything!

POPxo Loves: Round-Toe Heeled Pumps (Rs 4,499)

5. They Match Well With Each And Every Outfit

Nude sling flat

You can wear these flats in the summers or winters, for formal or casual occasions. Because of the hue, they can be pretty much your go-to shoes for every ensemble! Fetch a pair of sling flats or a duo with heels, either way, they will do the job well of ending your shoe worries! We are loving these nude flats and we can already imagine wearing them every day!

POPxo Loves: Nude sling flat (Rs 699)

6. They Highlight Your Skin Tone!

Nude Wedges

Yes! That is true. Just choose a nude that is darker than your skin tone! There are different types of nude tints available. Make sure you pick something that is not too pasty but it actually makes your natural colour stand out! This gorgeous pair right here is such a winner!

POPxo Loves: Nude Wedges (Rs 3,899)

7. They Are An Elegant Alternative To Black

Nude Pumps

We love our black pumps a bit too much. But, what if we had another shade range to choose from? With the versatility that this colour brings to your shoe collection, we wouldn’t mind switching. Isn’t it? A new pair of sandals that will become your saviour in times ahead! You can rock these heels with any outfit, Indian or Western. Don’t you love how pristine and pretty they are?

POPxo Loves: Nude Pumps (Rs 6,299)

8. They Are A Must-Have But Choose Wisely!


Beige coloured sandals are a bit more tricky when it comes to how you can style them! Making sure that other accessories are not OTT is one way! Wearing opaque tights with these shoes are a complete no! Buying a nude that almost looks white can take your fashion quotient pretty low, thus we recommend that for all of you folks, this pair of nude slip ons is easy as it can it get to begin with!

POPxo Loves: Beige Sandals (Rs 1,890)

9. Strappy Beige Heels

Jade Women Beige Heels

Strappy beige heels look so good to be worn on a casual day. It is a perfect pick to pair with formals. Go for a meeting or even a regular day at the office, wearing these strappy beige heels make you look taller, slimmer and gives the right posture to your body.

POPxo Loves: Jade Women Beige Heels (Rs 655)

10. Nude Stilettos

Carlton London Nude Stilettos

Going to a party? And want to look good in that side slit gown to rock the evening, then wear these nude stilettos to keep your style quotient up. First, the side slit gown will make you look slimmer. Second, the nude stilettos will give an illusion of taller height as the heels of the similar shade to skin colour makes it appear to be an extension of your legs.. And here your look for the party is sorted.

POPxo Loves: Carlton London Nude Stilettos (Rs 2,098)

So, these were the 10 shoes that make you look taller and thinner.

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