#Horoscope: What’s Making YOU Smile This Week Of Festivities? | POPxo
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#Horoscope: What’s Making YOU Smile This Week Of Festivities?

#Horoscope: What’s Making YOU Smile This Week Of Festivities?

It’s Diwali time, and we can’t wait to know what’s in store for us this week! All we know that it’s going to be a week packed with excitement, new opportunities and life-changing experiences. Are you ready to nail this week? Read on to find out!


You will bump into someone who is going to change your life for the better. This could be a new friend or a lover. Whoever it will be, you’re destined to meet someone who will play an important role in your life. For those who aren’t happy with their personal and professional lives, it’s time to take a leap! While it might sound like a huge risk, trust us, it’s a change that will work out for the best.
November Weekly Horoscope


Are things not going according to plan, Taurus? No matter what you’re going through, the universe has your back. Understand that this difficult time is just a passing phase. Every cloud has a silver lining and your time will come when it has to. Have faith and face the week with optimism. Relax, you’re on the right road. November Weekly Horoscope


Gemini, this week will be less stressful than the one that just went by. You have proven to life that you’re a hard worker and life in return will reward you with success. Keep the fiery attitude alive and face every battle life has to offer you with the intention of winning it. You are unstoppable and nothing can bring you down. Keep that in mind this week. November Weekly Horoscope


In life, people come and go. You’ve got to accept that fact and let go if a relationship is not adding value to your life. You’re one of those zodiac signs that is sensitive to people’s feelings, and we know that for you to let go of a relationship is difficult, but sometimes, it’s best if you cut off. Do this to any relationship you feel is toxic this week. This will not only make you happy, but you’ll also feel a lot lighter.
November Weekly Horoscope


You need a break from everything you’re currently involved in. You need to take a vacation. Even if it’s for the weekend. Spending quality time with your friends and loved ones will have a massive impact on your life. Don’t take life too seriously. Learn to enjoy every moment and take each day at a time. Try looking at things with an optimistic attitude this week. November Weekly Horoscope


You may have recently started a new venture in your life. A new job, a new college, a new relationship. All these things sound exciting and we urge you to approach it with an optimistic mindset. Go with the flow and don’t give this too much thought. Sometimes, change is good. Learn to embrace it! November Weekly Horoscope


This week for you is all about getting what you want out from life. You may face competition, but the goal here is come out victorious this week. To do this, keep your cool and play your cards wisely. Trust no one, but yourself. You are great at what you do, all you have to do is prove it to the world. You go, girl!
November Weekly Horoscope


There is someone in your life who needs you to be there for them this week. Emotionally and mentally, this person needs your support. Give it to them. Your advice and love could pull them out of a tough situation. Be someone’s hero this week! What you will get in return are good wishes and positive karma. November Weekly Horoscope


Things are looking bright for you this week. You will not only get work done at a faster pace, you’ll also be much more organized. Catching up with old friends or spending time with yourself should be priority this week. These two things will keep you energized. November Weekly Horoscope


Life is testing you, Capricorn. However, luck is on your side, all you have to do is have trust in yourself and in the universe. Keep that ambitious light burning and you will come out of this week victorious. While work is important, don’t neglect your loved ones. Make time for them and you will get happiness in return.
November Weekly Horoscope


This week is going to be slightly hectic for you. You will be required to give in your hundred percent in whatever you do. Don’t give up yet. Work hard and show the world what you’re made of. While you may think that your efforts are going unnoticed, they’re not. Everyone has their eyes on you. Do well and your efforts will surely be rewarded by the end of this month. November Weekly Horoscope


You are in a positive space right now, Pisces. Everything is going smoothly. Don’t question the universe. Take things one day at a time. As far as your love life is concerned, make time to bond with your partner, and give them all the attention and care they require. Love is a two way street, and it takes two hands to clap. Your task for this week is to focus on the important relationships in your life. You got this! November Weekly Horoscope Images: Giphy, GifsecTumblr, Shutterstock MUST-READ: What’s Your Secret Source Of Happiness? Your Zodiac Says…
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Published on Nov 9, 2015
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