when will women be safe

No Pedestals, No Locks! Please Just Let Us Women BE!!

Divya Sharma

Assistant Editor

When will women be safe? In India or abroad, at night or during the day. In short clothes or in completely covered ones. There have been a million debates on this, some really, really absurd suggestions and no conclusions. But to all the guys out there - the answer is quite simple, really, and if you still don't get it after watching this video, we don't think you ever will. Because it's SO true that every woman in India constantly faces this problem - that of being judged because of who she is, what she does, what she thinks... As Vir Das says, the day men are able to let women 'just be' - with no comments, no judgement - they will be safe. After all, respect (the cornerstone of safety) only comes with peaceful co-existence and understanding. We very strongly agree with every point he makes in this enlightening video! If only more men thought like you did, Vir. *Sigh!*

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Published on Nov 09, 2015
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