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Byebye, Boring Clothes! 10 Amazing Styles You’ve Got To Try NOW!

Byebye, Boring Clothes! 10 Amazing Styles You’ve Got To Try NOW!
Heard fashion magazines raving about terms like “bishop sleeves” or a “trumpet skirt” and gone, like, what is that? Well, we bring you a few super cool silhouettes you should totally be stocking up on to max your style quotient!

1. Don the Down Jacket

New fashion silhouettes

Also known as a “bomber”. It is a warm jacket that is filled with soft feathers of a duck or goose and thus is super insulated! Can be folded and put inside a small bag and is easy to carry around as it isn’t too bulky!

POPxo Loves: Fort Collins Women Jacket (Rs 2,185)

2. Slip into some Bishop Sleeves

New fashion silhouettes

This sleeve is gathered around the cuff and loose from below the elbow! A style that was very popular in the peasant dresses for the comfort factor. It was popularised in the 1960s and it usually goes well with softer fabrics and makes the shoulders looks smaller.

POPxo Loves: Tribal Print Blouse (Rs 796)

3. Pick some cool Cold Shoulders

New fashion silhouettes

As the name reveals, this can be incorporated in a dress or a top - there is a cut right where the shoulders begin and extends anywhere from the middle of the arm to the wrist. The shoulders remain exposed in this cut and thus the name!

POPxo Loves: Glamazona Shirt (Rs 999)

4. Picture yourself in a Portrait Neck

New fashion silhouettes

It is very similar to a wide boat neck. The neck rests on both the shoulder blades from one end to another to give a very refined look! Perfect when you want to accentuate your shoulder blades and best suited for small busted ladies!

POPxo Loves: Stay Loved Dress (Rs 899)

5. Try on a Trapeze Dress

New fashion silhouettes

A trapeze dress is essentially a dress in the shape of a trapezoid; instead of nipping at the waist, it becomes fully flared towards the hem to give that look. Petite girls can drown in it, so make sure you choose one that ends above the knees!

POPxo Loves: Cold Shoulder High Low Trapeze Dress (Rs 500)

6. Chic in a Charleston Dress

New fashion silhouettes

This is a very famous 1970s flapper style dress with a dropped waist and an extensive gather below that. Can extend from anywhere till the knees to mid calf and generally has a lot of fringes.

POPxo Loves: The Flapper Dress (Rs 2,199)

7. Playful in a Parka

New fashion silhouettes

We have all owned this and only referred to it as windproof jacket. The parka is a slightly longer jacket with a hood designed to be worn in winters. It has a adjustable mid-waist band too! Can be as bulky and lined with fur or fleece too!

POPxo Loves:  Olive Luxe Quilt Sleeve Parka (Rs 3,356)

8. The Cascade Collar is quite cute!

New fashion silhouettes

As the name suggests, cascade collar is something that falls in a cascade like structure from the starting of the back of the neck, it takes this shape automatically because of the way it has been cut!

POPxo Loves: Jersey Cardigan (Rs 3,305)

9. Beautiful in Butterfly Sleeves

New fashion silhouettes

Butterfly sleeves are very popular these days - there are gathers from waist to the shoulders and look like this! They look like an extension of the sleeves.

POPxo Loves: Papilio Top (Rs 899)

10. Take a walk in a Trumpet Skirt

New fashion silhouettes

Very similar to the mermaid style skirt, this type of a skirt is fitted till the hips and flares out below the knees! Perfect for someone who wants to focus attention on the hips.

POPxo Loves: Red Pencil Skirt (Rs 1,410)
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