#MyStory: The Cops Caught Us Making Out In His Car…

#MyStory: The Cops Caught Us Making Out In His Car…
I was 18. S and I had been dating for a few months and were having a total ball of a time. At that age also comes the thrill of finally being able to legally drive everywhere and being able to take your car wherever you want with your parents’ blessings.

Obviously, it was pretty impossible for the two of us to enjoy some “alone time” at either of our houses since we both lived with our families. Which meant we spent a lot of time in his car making out, like most people our age. We knew all the secluded gallis and spots to park the car whenever we wanted to get it on, which I’ll admit was pretty often.

caught making out

One night we went out clubbing with our friends and had both had quite a lot to drink. On the way back, S was driving - yes, back then we would still foolishly drink and drive. Of course, under the effect of alcohol as well as being teenagers with raging hormones, you can imagine that we decided to take a little detour to one of our favourite spots before he dropped me home.

We had only just begun kissing when a torch was shone through the window and we were interrupted with an angry knock on the door. Annoyed, we looked up, only to realize it was a policeman. I was suddenly horrified, scared and embarrassed all at the same time. He obviously knew what we were up to and I don’t think I had ever felt more humiliated in my life.

My boyfriend rolled down the window. The cop asked him for his license and to step out of the car. I instantly sent up a silent prayer that he wouldn’t realize that he had been drinking. S was surprisingly calm and even friendly and was talking to the policeman as if he were an old friend. Nonplussed, the cop announced that he would need us to step into his van and go to the station with him, where they would call our parents. He said it was better that our parents knew what we were up to at 3 am.

It suddenly felt like my worst nightmare was coming true. I couldn’t even imagine how my parents would react when they found out I had been arrested for making out in a car - I was sure to be slapped and grounded for all eternity.

My eyes were tearing up, I told him we were sorry and my boyfriend started offering him cash. He laughed and told S to come with him and call his father to the station to settle the issue. Things were looking bleak. I had no intention of entering that van, especially in my skimpy clubbing clothes. I was so busy thinking of ideas along with thoughts of what my parents would say when I realized that the two of them were suddenly engaged in deep conversation.

I tuned back in and realized that S was telling this nosy cop that his dad was friends with Dharmendra, Rakesh Roshan and Jeetendra. I couldn’t understand why he was bothering - unless his dad was friends with a major politician, I didn’t think we were going to get out of this. Much to my amazement, the cop actually lit up and started animatedly asking my boyfriend what these Bollywood personalities were like in person. After a few minutes of chit chat, he told us we were free to go, but not before lecturing us about how we came from good families and shouldn’t be doing the things we were doing, especially at night.

I couldn’t believe it. He let us go without even asking for anything, just because my boyfriend’s dad was friendly with some yesteryear actors. We both burst out into laughter the second we rolled the windows up and couldn’t have sped out of there faster. I guess it’s true - anything is possible in India!

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