#MyStory: On My Birthday, His First Text Was “We Need To Talk…”

#MyStory: On My Birthday, His First Text Was “We Need To Talk…”
28th September aka my 25th birthday, I have never been so excited for anything before because my parents had finally allowed me and my boyfriend to go away on a weekend trip!

I had started planning for it in July, ironing out all the details. We both had Friday off from work, so we were going to drive up to Lonavla on Thursday night. My birthday was on the saturday so we were planning to spend Friday just hanging out and getting in some quality alone time!

August passed so, so slowly - nothing out of the ordinary happened. My masi's daughter left for college and finally it was September!

A week before we were due to go, my boyfriend asked me out to dinner. He told me to meet him town side after work. It was really nice, the perfect mixture between two old friends catching up and two soul mates spending a wonderful evening together! At the end of the dinner he suddenly took my hand and said, "babe, I'm really, really sorry but work isn’t giving me time off. We can't go to Lonavla for your birthday".

"What?" I replied with a sadness in my voice that couldn't be concealed.

He apologised profusely and the car ride back home was far from pleasant. Since his work was sending him out of town, as they often did, we weren't going to be able to celebrate even in Bombay. A couple of days passed and after telling my girlfriends about the situation, they coaxed me into going to Lonavla with them instead. Seeing as one of them had a house up there anyway, I thought why not. After all, it was my 25th - I didn't want it to be a complete wash-out.

I said bye to the boy before leaving, things had cooled down between us, after all he couldn't help what his work schedule was. But even when we was saying goodbye, I could tell that something was up, he just didn’t seem like his usual self.

It was a long drive up, so when we got there we just changed into comfy clothes, hung out and slept early knowing that the next night would be a late one! The next day we headed out to the store to get some wine and snacks for later to make a proper night of it! As the day, I was finally starting to get really excited as all the birthday wishes and texts from my friends and family abroad started pouring in!

In the evening we all got dolled up and started drinking, playing games like never have I ever and truth or dare! All in all it was turning out to be a great weekend, even though I still really missed the boy! He hadn't texted since we had said goodbye.

It was getting closer to midnight so I decided to go and get my phone, in case my parents wanted to call and wish me. That's when I saw a text from the boy, saying, "We need to talk". That's all it said. I replied to him straight away asking, "What's up?"

we need to talk

I went back down to the party, but that text had sobered me up a little. I wondered what he could mean.

My phone beeped again, and this time it said, "I'm not sure I want to be your boyfriend anymore". I went blank. I was completely numb and I just stared at my phone for a couple of minutes.

But just as I looked up, my boyfriend burst through the front door, got down on one knee and proclaimed, "If you'll have me... I want to be your husband. Will you marry me?!" He proposed!!!

After slapping him silly for giving me the biggest shock of my life, I obviously said yes and fell into his arms!

My friends had been in on it the whole time and he had been planning it with them from the second we had started making plans for my birthday! To make matters more special, within the next 10 minutes my parents and sister burst in with two cakes - one for my birthday and one saying congratulations! They had known too! My boyfriend had stayed back to ask my parents for permission before formally asking me!

So, that's how I got engaged! That text though - he's going to have to wait a while before I let that shock go!

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