#MyOpinion: Why Should I Settle For Less In A Relationship? | POPxo

#MyOpinion: Why Should I Settle For Less In A Relationship?

#MyOpinion: Why Should I Settle For Less In A Relationship?
Seven billion people on this planet, more than half being men, and a woman is still expected to hang on to that one guy who vaguely promises to keep her happy (but more often than not, fails to do so)... And why? Because, otherwise, there might not be someone, ever? Like I just said, there are billions out there, and there just has to be someone who understands my passions, shares all those dreams that inspire me through the day, and loves me for being just me. Someone whose touch makes me tingle and whose presence cheers me. For it’s just how this entire universe works, ladies - you get whatever you think you deserve to get.

The world nods and bends down to your word when you have the courage to dictate your terms. So, I’ll have the courage to say no. To say no to that guy who treats my ambitions as secondary to his own, to that guy who isn’t ready to commit to me, to that guy who dulls my sunshine, to that guy who fails to inspire me, to that guy who isn’t there for me at my lowest, to that guy who has trouble celebrating my success, to that guy who doesn’t let me be me, and to the one who tries to make me a contorted version of someone he thought I’d be or wants me to be. I won’t be anyone’s version of beautiful, I won’t be anyone’s trophy, I won’t be anyone’s sacrifice and I definitely won’t be anyone’s burden.

not settling for less

So, I am not going to “settle” for someone who doesn’t give me anything less than I deserve, for I am going to give him my all. Yes, it may take time for me to meet him, or for him to fall in love with me - but whenever that happens, it’ll make up for all the others who weren’t him, and who taught me important lessons about exactly what I was looking for in him. But till then, I am not going to sit around, waiting to be discovered by him. I’d rather go out and do other things in the meantime - things that make me happy, things that help my dreams come true. I am the hero of my life story and the movie won’t really end till I find love along with all my other dreams, will it? Well, I’ll make sure it doesn’t!

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