okay to say no

#MyOpinion: Sometimes You Should Say “No” And Put Yourself First

Divya Sharma

Assistant Editor

No, I don't just mean to sex. It's okay to say no to a job when you're unemployed. It's okay to say no to a guy who is really nice. It’s okay to say no to the person who wants a favour. It's okay to say no to your parents even if they're right. It's okay to say no to your friends even if they're your closest ones. Sometimes, it's okay to say NO.

YOU are your priority. You are the person who knows what you need and when you need it. You are the person who can make the best decisions for yourself, even if they end up being the wrong ones. Because you will be the one that learns from them.

okay to say no

I think it's everyone's right to be selfish from time to time. I can't always do things that will make other people happy - trust me, they aren't doing that either. I need to put myself first (because if I don't, who will?!) and not be afraid of disappointing anybody in the process. And if that means saying no to something or someone in order to not be distracted from what I want for myself - it's completely okay. Because I'm being true to myself! That IS a priority for me and there won't ever be a day in my life when I will regret that.

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Published on Nov 30, 2015
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