#MyOpinion: Early Or Late, Getting Married Is About Being Ready | POPxo
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#MyOpinion: Early Or Late, Getting Married Is About Being Ready

#MyOpinion: Early Or Late, Getting Married Is About Being Ready

I am quite a tolerant person, who really does believe that each one of us is entitled to an opinion of our own - however stark and different it may be from that of others. But some things in life are individual choices one makes, and should stay that way. So when people raise their eyebrows every time I tell them that I don’t really mind getting married early, I get a tad bit annoyed. I don’t think that I become any less career-focused if I do decide on marrying a man who supports my work and helps me with it - more than my parents could. Neither do I think that it ties me down and chokes me with a set of responsibilities that a single me never had to handle. Yes, it does shift my priorities a bit, but then again, when was family not a priority?
I think the entire problem is around the belief system that most urban Indians harbour - that a woman has to clip her wings, give up her job, quit her dreams and live within the four walls of her house when she gets married. While this may be a hard, forced reality for some women out there,  but for others like us, who do enjoy the privilege of a choice, we should really stop generalising - or worse, trivialising - other women's decisions. internal- getting married early I feel marriage is all about finding someone who understands the person you are and loves you for it. And so if I do find this person early on in life, I’d love to start early in building a life with him - and it’s entirely my personal wish. One that neither does nor should have any influence on my professional goals. And you know what, marriage is simply an institution at the end of the day - one that you can decorate the way you like, and take away from as much you like. The only rule you need to care about is sticking by each other through thick and thin - children, responsibilities, sacrifices, they all come later. Plus, I feel the slightly younger me is less of a cynic and will be far more ready to give herself entirely to the other person. A bond that never fails and a love that only grows with time - isn’t that the best gift I could give to the older me? I think it would be.
Image: Shutterstock HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST READ: #MyOpinion: Why Should I Settle For Less In A Relationship? MUST READ: #MyOpinion: We Short Girls Have To Stop Obsessing About Height!
Published on Nov 27, 2015
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