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These 13 Little Changes Will Make Your Life AWESOME!

These 13 Little Changes Will Make Your Life AWESOME!
We agree that healthy habits are a bit difficult to form but once you adapt to them, you'll soon find the benefits worth it. We all have had bad habits, but it’s getting rid of them that’s the hard part. Take baby steps, and make realistic goals which you can tackle easily and make a part of your routine. Even if you slip up and have a cheat day, it’s ok. Start again, just don’t give up!

1. Switch Off

Give yourself a break. Whether it is working or studying, sometimes you just need to zone out completely. No matter how indispensable you are to your boss, go offline during meals and at bedtime. Even if you're carrying work back home, set yourself a couple of hours to do it, and spend not a minute longer than that. Discipline is the key!

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2. Meditate

Take time to connect with yourself. Whether it is an hour long yoga session or five minutes of deep breathing or even ten minutes of prayer... do whatever suits you to keep the mind rejuvenated and clear.

3. Move More

DUH! - Like we need to tell you why! To stay fit, you’ve got to walk 10,000 steps a day, but in the real world who has time for 10,000 steps? Even a half-hour walk a few times a week will work wonders in the long run - get it?  

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4. Get Real

Steer clear of processed foods like refined grains and sweeteners and try to eat fresh foods like fruits. And remember ladies, a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips!

5. Make Time For Loved Ones

Believe it or not, spending time with friends and family can actually be a huge stress-buster. Make sure you’re getting enough quality time with your nearest and dearest - these are the people you can let your hair down with and just relax.

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6. Stay Hydrated

Eight glasses of water a day seems like a lot, but the human body loses water throughout the day and even whilst you sleep. Drinking water leads to amazing skin, keeps your tummy fuller for longer - and how else will you be able to cry over Titanic for the 87th time if you’re running low on water?

7. Eat Clean

You may love the sizzling sound of the deep fryer when your food hits hot oil... the thought of crispy-golden, deep-fried food can make your mouth water, but it’s time you ditch the habit. Switch to healthier methods of cooking like poaching, barbecuing or stir-frying.

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8. Play Games

As much as your body needs movement, the mind too needs exercise. Board games, puzzles and crosswords are awesome mind stimulators. And go old school, ditch the iPad or laptop versions for good ol’ paper and pen!

9. Read Books

Reading books can help stimulate your brain (something your older self will thank you for) encourage creativity and imagination, but best of all reading allows you to travel through space and time without leaving your home.

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10. Stay Beautiful

Your skin will show the first signs of ageing soon enough, so develop a good beauty regime and follow it. But remember, what you put in is far more important than what you put on, so good eating habits and a balanced lifestyle will have a longer lasting effect than lotions and potions.

11. Music Mantra

Music is therapeutic - use it to fight stress and keep calm. Whether you’re into rock, classical or some good old 80’s tunes, turn it on and turn it up!

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12. Spend Time Outdoors

There’s nothing as invigorating as spending time in the lap of nature… If mountain treks and camping aren’t your cup of tea, at least fit in a walk along the seaside or an early morning jog in the neighbourhood park a couple of times a week. Get wet in the rain, play in the snow, build sandcastles - create your own magic!

13. Boost Your Immune System

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