Diamonds Are Forever… So Are REAL Leather Jackets! Here’s Why!

Diamonds Are Forever… So Are REAL Leather Jackets! Here’s Why!

Ever looked at those glorious leather jackets hanging at the fancy shop windows and wondered whether you should get one of those? We have too, but just thinking about what the maintenance is going to be like makes us not want to invest in them. Owning one leather jacket in your 20s is not just something to check off the bucket list, but also something that spells out fashionable in a rad way! Go ahead and read to find out why it’s alright to splurge on a leather jacket -  just keep these points in mind to make that special jacket last forever!

1. The key is choosing the RIGHT material and color!

As you know there are different grades of leather available in the market - choosing a “top-grain” leather is your best bet, since it’s not been treated too much, it maintains its natural features and it even becomes more beautiful with time! Do not go for the artificially coloured ones as they tend to deteriorate in quality, obviously because of the levels of treatments it went through during production!

2. Fit is super crucial

how to take care of a leather jacket Leather jackets cannot be altered, we repeat, they cannot be altered. So make sure to try it a million times before you really buy it! Getting the right fit from the shoulders and the the sleeves is vital to making this your go-to pick, especially because of the power it has to keep you warm. You do not have to worry about layering and just enjoy the bike rides even in the winters!

3. Other important things to keep in mind while shopping

Buy something that is more classic! From the color to the embellishments, make sure it’s not too trendy but has that vintage feel because that will definitely not go out of fashion and will look amazing throughout its lifetime! Spend as much as you would like to, but keep a larger budget for this item which could actually be potentially passed on to your kid even!

4. Be prepared to get dry-cleaning done every season

how to take care of a leather jacket Even if you don’t wear your jacket for one winter season, you still have to get it out and get dry cleaning done so that you get rid of all the mold and the dust that might have collected while you had stored it away for a few months. This is not such a big deal since we generally give lots of other pieces as well for the annual spring cleaning!

5. Do not take it anywhere close to water

Just keeping water away is an absolutely great idea considering that this jacket’s primary component is a “natural” material, it tends to expand when wet. A leather jacket for women has to go through a multitude of treatment and most of them entail making it water resistant. As an exception, you can use a damp cloth to clean up once in awhile. By just following this simple tip, you can keep that leather jacket in shape!  

6. Hang, not fold!

how to take care of a leather jacket While storing it, make sure to not fold the leather jacket since that may lead to permanent wrinkles on it. Hang the leather jacket on a padded hanger to avoid creases and disfiguring the shape. If you happen to get lighter wrinkles on the jacket, set your iron to the lowest setting and iron the jacket by placing it under a light fabric - avoid direct contact!

7. Don’t forget this awesome piece of advice

When keeping the jacket away during the summer seasons, make sure you do not fold them or put them inside plastic bags - let it be kept in an airy space so that it ages naturally! Keep away from sunlight and heat, please! Purchase some equally awesome leather care products so that you don’t have to worry about another thing! Your prized possession can stay with your forever, we promise! Images: Shutterstock HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: How to Take Care of Your Favourite Leather Bags! MUST-READ: 10 Everyday Fashion Mistakes That Every Girl Should Avoid!