How To Pick Fabulous Lingerie For The Bride-To-Be!

How To Pick Fabulous Lingerie For The Bride-To-Be!
Lacy bras, unquestionably fashionable panties and impeccably crafted nightwears - never before has there been such a huge selection of fabulous lingerie for women. And the growing options only make it easier to pick some playful-yet-naughty lingerie for a bestie who is soon to become a fierce bride. How to go about it though? How to make sure the fit and choice is just right? And how to know if she’ll like it? Here’s your one-stop guide to bridal lingerie shopping for the glamourous bride-to-be!

1. Identify Her Body Type

fabulous lingerie for a bride to be

Body types are never what you think they are. No one really fits into the conventional pear, apple, athletic or straight body type. Your bestie could be a slight apple and yet be lean. She could be straight-figured and yet be a bit heavier on the bottom. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping for lingerie for her. Better yet, ask her for her measurements so there’s no going wrong! She might like a mid-waist undergarment to hide her problem areas or one with prints to add the illusion of curves. For a more precise measurement, you can use this superb size charts from Enamor.

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2. Judge Her Comfort Level

 lingerie for a bride to be

Not every girl likes strutting around in lacy barely-theres all the time. Your bestie might like a little bit of a cover up over that show-offy bra. She might prefer a slinky babydoll to just a two-piece set. Know what her comfort level is before going all out on your purchases. It would be ideal to pick a longer chemise with that strappy set… just to make her feel good.

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3. Focus On Showing Off Her Best Assets

 lingerie for a bride to be

Not every girl likes a super low cut bra. A woman with larger breasts requires more support so she doesn’t sag, and the same way a not-so-well-endowed woman might prefer showing off her legs instead. Keep in mind that unless her best assets are highlighted, she is not going to wear your choices. To highlight her perky bottom, pick a super short Baby Doll night dress.

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4. Why Pick One, When You Can Pick Two!

 lingerie for a bride to be

Unlike in an ideal world, a new bride doesn’t just sit pretty all the time. She has her fair share of running around to do. She needs to attend meetings, go for a run, shop and pack in a load of other activities in between. At these moments, she won’t go for the slinky pieces. She will pick a lacy, pretty pair, but one that also makes movement easy. So to be on the safer side, pick two pieces instead of just one when you’re shopping for her -  a naughty number and one that is sexy-yet-practical.

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