Yes, You CAN Look Tall In Flats! (7 Simple Tricks!)

Yes, You CAN Look Tall In Flats! (7 Simple Tricks!)
No matter how tall or short we are, we all love to add a few extra inches to our frame. Sadly, there are days and occasions when you just cannot wear heels...and there are some of us who just don’t or can’t wear heels. If heels are not your thing and you still want to walk tall and fabulous, then try these clever styling tips that are guaranteed to add that extra height to your body even if you are short...well, an illusion at least!

Tips To Look Taller Without Heels

So, show some love to your favourite flats for they can do wonders to effortlessly elongate your look. Here are 7 fab styling tips to look taller in flats.

1. Show Off Your Feet

look tall in flats

Tried and tested and hands down THE most effective way to look taller in flats. Choose flat shoes that show off most of your feet. Whether you’re going for ballerinas or sandals, always pick a pair that does not hide your feet. More skin = longer legs. Guaranteed!

2. Shorts To The Rescue

The same logic applies to shorts. While choosing shorts, go all out and super short! If you fall on the shorter end of the scale, opt for shorts that show off your legs. Wear nice plimsolls or sneakers with a firm sole with these shorts - this automatically creates an illusion of longer thinner legs.

3. Wearing Skirts? Say Bye-Bye To Ankle Straps

look tall in flats

Skirts are a great way to create an illusion of height, but ONLY if you style them the right way. Wear flat shoes that do not have ankle straps. Ankle straps cut your ankle and highlight the width of your legs. Go for shoes with minimum straps and buckles.

4. Skinnier The Jeans...Skinnier The Shoe

While wearing skinny jeans, choose flats that are not bulky or even remotely fall in the same zip code as bulky. Choose pointed flats or delicate sandals. These designs will make your legs look long and slim. Nude ballerinas is THE shoe that will make you look taller in skinnies with zero effort!

5. Show Off Your Neck

look tall in flats

Write this down, ladies. A sure-shot way to make you appear taller while wearing flats is to draw attention to that beautiful neck and show it off. Wear V-neck tops or statement neckpieces that draw attention to your neck. There is no going wrong with this one!

6. Wearing Maxis? Say Bye-Bye To Closed Shoes

If you are wearing a maxi skirt or a dress, a big NO to closed shoes. Always wear open-toe flats with these skirts and dresses. Balled flats or any closed shoe will not only make you look shorter but it will, in fact, ruin your ensemble! Stay. Away.

7. Go Monochrome

Solid colours are known to slim you down and make you appear taller than you actually are. If you are wearing flats, try to choose dresses or tops that are not very heavy on print. Single toned dresses are always a safer option if you want to look put together while wearing flat shoes.

Follow these styling hacks to stay stylish, look taller and be comfortable at the time! So much win!

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