7 Daily Habits For A More Stylish You (It’s Easy!)

7 Daily Habits For A More Stylish You (It’s Easy!)
It’s not just about picking the perfect clothes or doing your make-up the right way. Little things like keeping your closet organized or practising the right posture can go a long way if you want to look and feel stylish. Incorporate these daily habits in your routine and wake up feeling positively stylish every single day. After all, style is never really about the clothes...it’s a way of life!

1. Practice good posture

Posture is the most important thing you need to take care of...if you’re walking, sitting, eating or relaxing. Not only does a good posture exude confidence and make you look better, it also has various health benefits. Always be aware that you are not slouching or hunched, because in time it WILL lead to a lot of bone problems...and it will also drag your outfit down.

2. Keep your closet organized

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If you can’t find what to wear and you’re in a style rut, chances are you have a messy closet. If you have a messy cupboard, you end up not finding the right clothes...and the ones that you find are either crushed or spoilt. Developing the habit of organizing your closet neatly is a sign that you like to take care of your clothes and in turn how you present yourself to the world.

3. Get enough sleep

A good night’s sleep reflects on your pretty face the next morning. Like our bodies, our skin needs rest and time to re-energize too. A healthy habit of going to bed early and getting ample rest can not only make you wake up feeling less groggy, but it will also resonate on your posture, which trickles down to your outfit and overall appearance.

4. Take out time to get ready in the morning

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This might mean waking up fifteen minutes earlier or going to bed early, but always make sure to take some time out for yourself to get ready in the morning. Find time to do your hair and pick the right clothes. Spend a little more time and effort into getting ready, because when you know you look good - you feel good...and that is all that matters.

5. Always plan ahead

A good habit to include in your lifestyle is to plan ahead. Be proactive about what you want to wear to a certain function or even tomorrow. On that metro or car ride back home, always think about what you can wear tomorrow. Plan on what you need to buy next month...if anything at all, instead of going for impulsive shopping sprees. It will always help you in the long run.

6. Pay attention to detail

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Is your shirt wrinkled or is your jacket missing a button? Paying attention to these details is very important. While one may assume that being stylish is all about dressing up - sure, it is, but that is NOT everything. Imagine your white shirt has a stain on it, it will ruin your entire look. Ergo, it is highly recommended that you pay attention to the little things.

7. Keep yourself updated

Not saying that you always need to be in the loop of the latest runway trends or fashion, but be aware of what is working this season. You can simply do this by walking into two stores...pay attention to the kind of clothes they have. They will always have some similar clothes so you automatically know what is in. It’s always better to be updated and be fabulous at it.

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