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Are YOU Ready To Get Fit After The Festive Season?

Are YOU Ready To Get Fit After The Festive Season?
POPxo’s staffers Sanjana Eipe and Sharon Alphonso have been doing the Nike+ Training Club Challenge (a 12-week program designed by 6 Master Trainers from Nike) for 10 weeks now. And while Sharon’s shorts only keep getting shorter (those toned legs draw envy at the workplace), the coy Sanjana has started wearing more structured, fitted clothing to work. What a huge change from when they first started out with Gopika E.M and Simar Rana 10 weeks ago as fitness novices who couldn’t tell a burpee apart from a plank!

The Nike+ Training Club Challenge has gotten our staffers to not only meet their fitness goals but to reach a level of mental and physical well-being that is astounding. Here, they relive how they went from week 9 to 10 with Flor Beckman’s workouts focussing on speed and the one thing that made them strive harder to become #betterforit!

“I feel like a 20-something!” - Sanjana Eipe

The first week of the challenge really tested my tolerance levels. Although I am a big fan of running, my running shoes had been hung up for a year before I took up the Nike+ Training Club Challenge. But this week, I had to push myself and do 8 reps of 200-metre track running sessions. I could feel myself getting faster with every metre. Over the past weeks I have been building strength and stamina and I believe that’s what helped me finish every track session without breaking into a pant. Sharon joined me at the track session and was amazed at my stamina and speed. She could barely keep up!

get fit in ten weeks

I followed Flor Beckman’s Quick HIIT session on weeks 9 and 10 and I must say it pushed my boundaries quite a bit. I struggled with the carioca shuffle to sumo squat jump and the overhead squat with knee drive rotation in week 9, but the second week was seemingly easier. The best part is I’ve found a new place near my apartment complex to work out at - a secluded garden with a sense of calm to it - and it is absolutely brilliant to just need my phone with the NTC app and a floor mat for all my workouts. I feel alive!

“I now have a group to workout with!” - Sharon Alphonso

What a brilliant two weeks it has been. In week 9, Sanjana and I decided to do our track sessions together. I was amazed at her speed and vowed to get #betterforit. Weeks 9 and 10 focussed on speed training and it is something I have always been good at. Although losing to Sanjana was a reality check (I’m sure I’ll own weeks 11 and 12).

get fit in ten weeks

Joselynne Boschen’s “Alpha Abs” workout is something I absolutely enjoyed during week 10 since I have put on a few kilos this festive season. It was the perfect workout (all floor exercises!) to target my food baby and really get my heart rate up! Another thing I enjoyed during week 10? A new workout group. A couple of neighbours who saw me working out these past few weeks were intrigued and finally mustered the courage to ask me what I was up to. I introduced them to the NTC app and we try and set a fixed time to meet every day to work out or simply hang out together. Who knew the NTC app was also a great way of making friends? ;)

In the meantime… Simar And Gopika Are Basking In The Compliments!

While Sharon and Sanjana power on with their challenge, Simar and Gopika have been keeping pace alongside. They’ve been receiving numerous compliments on their now transformed look and frame of mind. And to celebrate, they got the Nike Tech Fleece Cape - a super cool and versatile cape that goes with EVERYTHING. It’s quite a sight to see these two head out in Delhi’s beautiful winter in their super stylish capes. And just to make us jealous, they wear it to work as often as possible. Oh well, some people just have all the luck, don’t they?

get fit in ten weeks

* This is a sponsored post for Nike. Download the Nike+ Training Club app and get working out NOW – no excuses! With training programmes for the newbie, the expert and the fitness fanatic, the app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.