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The ONLY Exercises You Need For A Flat Tummy!

The ONLY Exercises You Need For A Flat Tummy!

All of us want a flat toned tummy that we can show off but those evasive muscles refuse to be crunched into shape no matter how hard we try. Ever wondered if you’re doing the exercises right or not? We didn’t either. But that was till we got our hands on the Nike+ Training Club app - a brilliant app with exercises that can be customised to your needs. It offers personal training from some of the most well-known fitness trainers in the world and they reveal the most effective exercises to target different areas of your body to get that body you have always wanted. Here, we focus on some of the exercises from the app that build core strength and blast fat from your midriff. Go on, get #betterforit!

Pack A Punch!

Burn that stubborn midriff flab with these easy moves. Find a step-by-step guide to these exercises in the ‘Get Focused’ section of the NTC app with the 15-minute ‘Ab Burner’ workout. Equipment needed: Medicine Ball Crazy Ivans This move targets your obliques while building core strength and body balance. - Sit with knees bent and feet crossed. Lean back until your abs burn and hold the ball outside one hip. - Rotate through the upper body to bring the medicine ball up over the opposite shoulder, then down to the same hip, and repeat. - Switch to the other side halfway through your time. Crazy Ivans - how to get abs Modified Side Plank Target your shoulders, your core and your obliques with this simple exercise. - Lie on your side with your bottom leg bent and top leg straight. - Using your elbow for support, lift your body, hips and upper thighs off the floor and hold. - Change sides halfway.
Modified Side Plank copy -how to get abs Russian Twists This move mainly focusses on your abdominal muscles and balance. - Sit with knees bent and feet crossed. - Lean back until your abs burn and hold arms in front of you. - Twist your upper body to move both arms to the outside of one hip. Repeat, moving from side to side. Russian Twists copy - how to get abs Toe Touches Your abs get a fab workout when you’re doing toe touches. Just a few simple moves to it. - Lie on your back, holding a medicine ball above your chest with arms straight and legs straight up in the air. - Using your abs, reach towards your toes with the ball. - Return to the start position and repeat. Toe Touches copy - how to get abs

Show ‘Em Who’s Boss!

Take control of those abdominal muscles by strengthening them. Joselynne Boschen’s “Alpha Abs” workout uses effective floor exercises to train tummy into shape. Here are some of our favourite moves from the workout: Hip Lifts This move targets the muscle between the ribs and the hips as well as your glutes.
- On the floor, start with hands behind your head and legs straight up in the air. - Push the small of your back into the ground, lifting your hips up half an inch. - Come back to the start position and repeat. Hip Lifts copy - how to get abs Plank Make those core muscles burn as you hold this position. - Start in push-up position. - Go down and balance yourself on your toes and your elbows with palms ahead of you, facing the floor. - Hold this position for as long as you can before going back to original position. Repeat. Plank copy . how to get abs Single Cross Over This exercise mainly focusses on your obliques. - Start laying down with right arm straight over your head. Lift your right leg. Bend your left knee, bringing your ankle across to rest on your right knee. - Crunch, crossing your arm over your body. Your right elbow should meet your left knee. - Come back to starting position. Repeat until time to switch sides.
Single Cross Over copy - how to get abs Table Top Heel Tap Slightly similar to crunches, this move focuses on your core, your lower as well as upper abs. - Start on the floor, hands behind your head. Your knees are bent, toes point up, heels rest on the floor. - Crunch up, bringing your legs and shoulders up in the air. - As your shoulders come back down, tap your heels on the floor. Repeat. Table Top Heel Tap copy - how to get abs

Red Carpet Abs

The “Hollywood Ab Blast” workout works your abs like a celebrity in 15 minutes with Hollywood trainer to the stars - Jeanette Jenkins. Here’s a sneak peak to the moves from the workout: Bicycles Target your upper abs and your obliques with this comprehensive exercise. - Lie on your back with fingers locked behind your head and elbows away from the ears. Crunch in the shoulder blades together. - Lift your legs so your knees are above your hips, and raise your head and shoulders off the floor. - Twist through the upper body and bend one leg to touch your elbow to the opposite knee. Lower down and repeat on the other side.
Bicycles copy - how to get abs Forearm Plank Pikes Get your core stronger with this move and also improve your body balance. - Start in a plank position with elbows on the floor. - Lower your head and lift your butt so you form a triangle. - Lower back to start position and repeat. Forearm Plank Pikes - how to get abs Full Body V-Ups Give your abs something to talk about the next day with this core balance strengthening exercise. - Sit on your butt with knees bent and hands behind your knee. -  Lift your feet so your calves are parallel with the floor and let your arms reach forward. - Lower your body towards the floor, bring your arms out to your sides and straighten your legs out in front of you. Bend you legs and come back up. Full Body V-Ups copy - how to get abs Upward Facing Dog Stretch out those abdominal muscles with this move. - Lie on your stomach with elbows bent and hands under your chest.
- Lift your head, upper body, hips and thighs off the floor. Look up to the ceiling. - Come back down and repeat. Upward Facing Dog copy - how to get abs Follow these amazing workouts and more on the NTC app and get that super toned flat tummy you have always wanted. Don’t let anything stop you from becoming a better you! *This is a sponsored post for Nike. Download the Nike+ Training Club app and get working out NOW – no excuses! With training programmes for the newbie, the expert and the fitness fanatic, the app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.
Published on Nov 9, 2015
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