The Broke Girl’s Guide To A Wardrobe Makeover (For Free!)

The Broke Girl’s Guide To A Wardrobe Makeover (For Free!)
If you are anything like us, then you dream of having a beautiful big closet and a bigger bank balance. And if you are exactly like us, then you also know that your superpower is being broke most of the time. Don’t fret just yet, as we have found out some kickass ways to increase our wardrobe multifold without spending a dime… And now even you can do the same and get a whole new wardrobe makeover!!

8 Kickass Ways To Get A Wardrobe Makeover

1. Organize Your Closet

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The most important rule if you want to dress well or make the most of your closet is to have an organized one. Yes, no more throwing things inside and pulling out everything to look for one top. Sort your closet out right away - jeans on one side, tops on one side, hang your dresses and make it look beautiful. It’s so worth it.

2. Give Away Things You Haven’T Worn For The Past One Year

Most of us have clothes we love to pile up for some unknown reason. We never wear them, but they’re always there in our closet, occupying space and gathering dust. Get rid of these clothes that you haven’t worn for the past one year...because chances are, you will never wear them again. So cut whatever ties you have with these items and make more closet space.

3. Try Mix ‘N’ Match

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This is it, ladies. Once you master the mix and match technique, your wardrobe choices increases multifold. How do you do this, you ask? Experiment away. Instead of always going for the same combo, try pairing that top with a different pair of pants this time… Maybe wear your favorite sleeveless dress over a long sleeve top. You never know - there might be a plethora of outfit choices lying there in your closet right now.

4. Learn Layering Tricks

Layering is another effective and easy way to really do justice to all the clothes you have in your wardrobe. We all know the magic layering works during winters, but it can be as stylish and chic during the hotter days. Just throw on a scarf or a light sheer kimono on top of your shorts and top combo and look smashing. Rotate the clothes and create new dazzling outfits every day.

5. Old Kneed-Out Jeans = New Shorts!

Can’t wear your favourite pair of jeans any more because you wore it almost every day, all your waking hours, and it’s all kneed out? Don’t ditch it just yet. Grab a pair of scissors, chop off the legs and create a brand new pair of shorts! If you’re feeling a little creative, then add some studs or paste a fabric sticker or two. BAM! Hello, new shorts!

6. Old Baggy T-Shirts = New Crop Tops

Yes, we all have loads of old baggy tshirts we love to wear while we’re lazing around at home...or we love to stack them at the back corner of oblivion inside our wardrobe. Fish them out and go chop-chop-chop. Instead of splurging on that worn-out looking cropped top that is so in, use your washed out T-shirt - cut it and make an awesome one out of it. It’s so easy!

7. Find A New Way To Wear Your Scarf

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Who says the only way to style your scarf is to wrap it around your neck? Belt your scarf or tie it on the sling of your bag, pair it with a funky hat… Be creative, for there are infinite ways to wear one scarf! Accessories can quickly dress up your outfit, so make sure you put some thought into them, so that they work towards making a stunning ensemble.

8. Find A New Way To Wear Your Bag

That satchel you love? Try carrying it like a clutch. That messenger bag? Wear it as a cross body bag. Find newer ways to carry your bags and revamp them by adding some funky keychains. You already have all the things to create a brand new look! Go berserk!

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