Dazzle At Your Friends’ Weddings (WITHOUT Spending A Bomb!)

Dazzle At Your Friends’ Weddings (WITHOUT Spending A Bomb!)
Wedding invites piling up on that dresser and you’ve got nothing to wear? Bestie threw a last minute invite your way and you’re going bonkers because you’re quite broke? Been there, done that! It’s not easy to just go out there and splurge money for the wide array of functions that come in tow with a wedding. Especially if you’re only going to wear those outfits just once. Here are 8 brilliant tricks to save this wedding season...

1. Shop During Off Season

Know the dates well in advance? We know shopping might not be on your priority list at this point, but if you do manage to take some time out, you’ll manage to save a whole lot of bucks and trouble! Shopping in advance also helps you get prepared in advance! Go to all your fav stores during discount season and you could find some beautiful pieces at throwaway rates.

2. A Bag Made Out Of A Saree

We all need a glitzy little purse to carry our essential items while we are strutting around every wedding function. Buying one of those studded, designer clutches can burn a hole in the pocket, right? So tiny but SO expensive! Get a potli bag made out of your mom’s old saree (one that she doesn’t use any more). Those rich silks mastered into a beautiful pouch with cute tassels will highlight your outfit and look oh so adorable!

wedding shopping on a budget

3. Get Your Clothes Tailored

Like a design you saw in a magazine? Get it tailored. Find a local boutique aunty or a dependable masterji, the right fabric, the perfect embellishments and you’re ready to go! You’ll look like a star in your self-designed haute-couture outfit. You have something you desired and you’ll feel very satisfied because you can see exactly where the money went!

4. Rent Designer Wear!

Yes! You actually have that option these days! Believe it or not, it is possible to rent your favorite designer’s outfit at a quarter of its price. There are quite a few places that you can choose from online! Flyrobe, Swishlist, Secretwardrobe are a few websites from where you can get a variety of designer labels that can be rented for as long as you want. You can browse and order these while sitting at home and get it delivered at your doorstep! This means, you can finally save all that time you waste on hunting for the right clothes and go for those much-due beauty therapies instead! Amazing, right?

wedding shopping on a budget

5. Getting Your Shoe Basics Right!

Invest in two or three “basic” kind of shoes - a basic gold, a classic black and a silver pair. These will go with most of your outfits and make life so much easier because you don’t have to carry too much bulk around. Make sure that the heels are comfortable. Store your shoes well so that they last you for more than a couple of seasons.

6. Take A Package Deal

As you plan the number of outfits you need, keep in mind that each one of them will need your makeup and styling to be different. Make sure that you either strike a good deal with a salon or a makeup artist. You will end up wasting money if you don’t plan well in advance.

wedding shopping on a budget

7. Go To Specialised Markets

Most times, we buy everything - from our clothes to our shoes and jewellery - from one market area. To get the best rates and a wide assortment, go to places that specially cater to your needs for a particular kind of item. For example, one market might cater to fabrics, while another deals in borders for your sarees, another might sell only jewellery. These marketplaces usually have a number of shops selling the same thing and thus they’re competing with each other for prices. This is a win-win situation for you, bask in it!

8. Invest In Some Statement Pieces

Even while you are randomly walking around the malls on a regular weekend, pick up some unique bold pieces like a broad kada or a big cocktail ring. These little elements will reinforce your fashionista image. Just highlighting one aspect of your outfit with a statement piece (even if it isn’t precious jewellery) will make sure you make heads turn!

wedding shopping on a budget

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