How NOT To Let People Intimidate You!

How NOT To Let People Intimidate You!
“Those who bring sunshine to others cannot keep it from themselves.” – Anonymous

That’s all we really need to know and believe in, to never feel numbingly intimidated in anyone’s presence, ever. And yet, when we do come in the presence of someone we hold in awe, and imagine to be larger-than-life, we involuntarily stutter (even if mentally) and feel intimidated. Don’t worry! Here are 8 ways you can deal with anyone dulling your sunshine...

1. Remember they’re only human - just like you!

We know someone you’re intimidated by probably seems like a demi-god with super-human powers that command your utter servitude to him/ her. Fortunately, that’s not true. Look beyond your awe, and you’ll find traces of a life just like yours - fears, joys, and hesitations. And once you’re able to see that, you’ll find they no longer unnerve you.

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2. Fear of the unknown?

One reason you may feel subdued in someone's presence is because you fear what you don’t know about him/ her. Just because someone has a fierce personality, don’t assume they are mean and fearsome too, without trying to get to know them. Instead, go strike up a conversation with them, and then form your judgement. We’re sure you’ll be surprised to find that that person is not quite like who you imagined them to be.

3. Stop feeling self-conscious

Now, you may just go about justifying your self-consciousness in the face of someone else's’ overpowering persona - BUT you couldn’t be more wrong. Feeling conscious means fearing others people’s opinions too much. Plus it dulls your own opinion, and lets you be swayed by others. And what’s worse is that if you do so, other people will find it all the more easy to intimidate you.

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4. Understand your worth, and show it

Like they say: be yourself, for all others are taken. However imperfect you may feel yourself to be, you are one of a kind, simply because there is no other you. So know your worth, for only when you know all the strong and weak grounds you stand upon can you feel confident enough to be yourself in the presence of other people too.

5. Fake it till you make it!

All we mean to say is that you must constantly, and without fail, strive at becoming your best self, one that ain’t daunted by anybody. There is no other way to move forward in life. It’s okay to feel nervous and doubt your judgement, as long as you keep masking it till you actually become someone who can stand tall in front of anybody.

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6. Be silly

Remember Professor Lupin from Harry Potter, teaching his class to imagine their worst fears and then turn them into the silliest character possible? That’s exactly what you gotta do too. We can’t say it’s all in your head enough times! Even if someone’s trying to intimidate you, they won’t be able to, if you don’t let them be the scary monster in your head.

7. Realise that only a weak person will deliberately try to intimidate you

Only a weak person will try to intimidate you to get you to do as they say, instead of trying to persuade you. Realise this weakness and refuse to let it frighten you.

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8. And, as the last resort, fight intimidation with intimidation

The thing about intimidation is that you can’t really escape it, ‘coz if you try to, it’ll only grow bigger in size and scare you more. So since you HAVE to confront it to conquer it - give the person a taste of their own medicine. When you refuse to be intimidated, and try to fight back fiercely, you’ll not only nullify any feeling of being overcome with awe, but will also send a message across that you aren’t gonna back off ‘coz you aren’t weak. Build on your strengths, and stay strong always!

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