10 Things I Promise Myself Today So That I Can Be Happy Always!

10 Things I Promise Myself Today So That I Can Be Happy Always!
No matter who we are, what we do, there's one thing that all of us want in life - and that's to be happy! It sounds simple, but sometimes we get so bogged down by the nitty-gritties of living day to day that we forget what the end game is. So here's promising myself that I won't forget, that I will do what it takes to make me (and keep me) happy. Say aye, ladies!

1. I will do what I feel passionate about.

Even if that means sucking it up at a crappy job right now. I'm doing it today to build a solid foundation for what I really want to do in life.

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2. I will stand by what I believe in.

Even if it means going against popular opinion and having to pick sides. But I will admit it when I'm wrong - how else will I learn from my mistakes and know how to avoid them again?

3. I will not accept mediocrity in my life.

Everyone deserves something outstanding. Including me. I won't “settle” for something just because it's the easier option.

4. I will get out of that relationship that brings me more unhappiness than joy.

A boyfriend who does not care about me as he should, a friend whose negativity is pulling me down - I'll get the hell out of there and invest in other relationships, ones that bring sunshine into my life.

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5. I will not say no to any opportunity unless it feels really wrong for me.

Because I never want to look back with regret and wonder “what if”.

6. I will explore the world around me.

I will travel, I will make more friends, I will take up fun classes, I will discover new places and people… The world is way too interesting to stay shut away from!

7. I will respect, adore and cherish the people I care about.

Because without them my life would not be as bright.

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8. I will stay true to my values.

After all, it is what I hold true that makes me who I am. And I'm pretty awesome!

9. I will hold out for what is best for me.

Not what other people think is best for me. It is my life and happiness that I have to worry about, after all.

10. I will acknowledge every day the little things that make me smile.

Because being happy always means learning to be happy every single day! That's the key. :-)

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