#BeautyDiaries: I Finally Learnt To Love My Thick, Frizzy Hair!

#BeautyDiaries: I Finally Learnt To Love My Thick, Frizzy Hair!
You don’t truly know how unmanageable hair can be unless your mane is super, duper thick AND extremely frizzy. Living in Bombay, where the humidity is through the roof, only encourages my strands to frizz up and drive me utterly crazy. Imagine spending ages styling/ straightening your hair and finally getting it to look perfect, only to peep into a mirror a few hours later and realize that it has ballooned up into a poofy mess. That was the story of my life.

During my adolescent years I absolutely hated my bushy, thick hair and would simply tie it up into a ponytail at all times instead of leaving it down as a big, out of control mess. Post-puberty, the frizziness did calm down somewhat. As I grew older, I became more particular when it came to looking after my hair. I realized that the right haircut for my hair type was essential. It’s smarter to go to a bigger, well-reputed salon rather than your neighbourhood parlour if you have difficult hair. That’s because they have professionals that are actually trained to cut and style different types of hair types. I have never been to a hair stylist who has not commented on just how thick my hair is and fretted about how much hair I have, eventually you get used to hearing it.

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It wasn’t up till just a few years ago that I found my hair stylist soul mate, Barkha. She truly gets my hair and gives me a layered cut that works well with my long, thick hair. She also texturizes my hair using special scissors to help tone down the bulk and thickness of it, making it much more manageable as well as giving it movement. I’ve realized that with thick hair, a trim every four months is definitely a must to keep it all in shape.

I’ve also spent years and a disturbingly large amount of money experimenting with shampoos, conditioners, serums – you name it and I’ve tried it! I’ve discovered that MoroccanOil products are a godsend and a light leave-in like Kerastase Elixir Ultime Huile Sacree works amazingly to control frizz no matter how humid it is. Both these products have also worked wonders in giving me the silkier strands I also wanted.

Embracing and accepting my hair has been a lifelong journey. I’ve finally realized that having hair like mine actually does have its advantages. Volume is never an issue for me, my hair will always look full and bouncy thanks to its thickness and hair fall isn’t a major concern either since I have SO much hair! I love experimenting with styles and have realized that straightening or curling effects can last for days, yes my hair can hold curls for days. With a little bit of care, special attention and the right haircut my mane is pretty silky and looks full and healthy. Today, I wouldn’t change it for anything else.

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