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What Is The Most CRAZY Thing About You? Your Zodiac Says…

What Is The Most CRAZY Thing About You? Your Zodiac Says…
Always wondered if you had a wild, crazy side to you? Guess what, we’re all a bit mad, for our world’s a mad place too. Your stars have ordained a crazy streak in you, and here’s what your zodiac sign says about you...

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Oh you are a bundle of energy, Aries! You are excited and driven in life, and what tops this is how you also have courage to carry out whatever it is that you want to do. Plus you do things for yourself and not the world and do not mind speaking your mind either. And if someone has a problem with that, well, that’s for them to handle!

aries how crazy are you


You are what real stuff is made of, Taurus! You are sensible, practical and logical in life, and keep away from fluff, even if the world expects you to be fluffy! You aren’t really the wild child, for it’s too silly for you - but you are a stubborn one, who will do just what she finds intelligent to do, even if the world terms you crazy for doing so.

taurus how crazy are you


You have the power to make others around you go crazy, and that’s really a rare trait! You can skip from one personality and one mood to another in a matter of seconds, and that really confuses the sh*t out of people. But you have super fun while doing it. And fun is important to you, because being funny is, like, your thing.

gemini how crazy are you


You, Cancer, love like no one else. You are the ‘crazy in love’, and don’t mind going to any lengths for the person you’re in love with! But then, you also kinda expect them to do the same for you and can just as easily shift to the moody lover, if not pampered and cared for. You’re also the hopeless romantic who weaves dreamy scenes in minute detail and has the craziest fantasies!

cancer how crazy are you


The crazy b*tch around? Chances are that’s you, Leo! You will step ahead and do just what you want, as you want, and do not care one bit about what the world thinks of you for it - for you, in your head, are the queen who’s just walking towards getting what she deserves. Yes, mind games aren’t new to you, but well, you just know how to your intelligence to your best advantage. Crazy ambitious, that’s what you are!

leo how crazy are you


You feel an obsessive need to control everything around you. You have some ridiculous organizational standards that are really hard for other people who live with you to follow, and sometimes even for you to meet! But then, that’s what keeps chaos miles away from you, and keep you super efficient and cool. You’re the opposite of the stereotypical “crazy girl”, but your very controlledness is what makes you kinda insane as well!

virgo how crazy are you


You looove to dress up, and make yourself look like the best version of who you are. You are a crazy shopaholic, who has on a few occasions literally shopped till she drops. You are also slightly indecisive, because you simply want the best of everything, and can’t settle your heart on any one thing. But just to arrive at the right decision, you’re willing to undertake the most insane tasks!

libra how crazy are you


Blunt and in your face - that’s what you are! You have the power to filter stuff before blurting it out to another person, but on many occasions, you don’t really find any reason to do that. Because, seriously, you’d rather say it on someone’s face rather than bitch behind their back. You will not live by other people’s rules, and you will only follow the passions of your heart in everything you choose to do, no matter what wild place it leads you to!

scorpio how crazy are you


You are always looking out for a dose of adventure. Always. You will be the first person to say yes to any mad idea suggested, and quite often would be the one who suggests it too! All you actually want to be in life is a little more crazy, because all that energy bundled up inside you will kill you otherwise! You just can’t handle a moment’s boredom.

saggi crazy how crazy are you


You have super lofty ideas for yourself, but you also have matching steely determination to get there. This may make you super stubborn too, but your crazy comes out in getting what you want, come what may. You are not backing down. Just bring it on!

capri - how crazy are you


You, Aquarius, you live in a fantasy world of your own making, and if given a choice, wouldn’t want to move out of it either! And maybe this is the reason why you are the most quirky and rebellious sun sign in the entire zodiac family! You always surprise everyone around you with your eccentric ideas and way you ask to explore and try new things.

aquarius how crazy are you


Your crazy lies in the paradox that your life is - outwardly calm yet full of inner passion. You have tons of creative energy, which keeps making you try out new things in life, even if it may appear impossible or insane at the beginning!

pisces how crazy are you

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