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Are YOU Making These 8 Hair Removal Mistakes Too?

Are YOU Making These 8 Hair Removal Mistakes Too?
You’ve probably been waxing and shaving for as long as you can remember...but you could be making a number of hair removal mistakes and not even know it. And, no, we don’t just mean shaving with a dull/ old razor (we hope you’re not, though!). Apart from damaging your skin and your hair follicles, you could have nasty side effects in your bid to be hair-free if you’re making these mistakes. Follow these tips for smoother skin always.

Mistake #1: Shaving In The Morning

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Shaving in the shower first thing in the morning is convenient, yes, but doesn’t give you the best results. That’s because your legs swell ever so slightly when you sleep, which means you may miss a few hairs. Shaving at the end of the day helps give you a closer shave.

Mistake #2: Being Lazy About Exfoliating

We all know that we should be exfoliating, but we’re all guilty of not taking it seriously. Exfoliating is the best way to prevent and banish those annoying ingrown hairs. By sloughing away dead skin, you prevent hair from getting trapped below the skin. No matter whether you wax or shave, you need to exfoliate to ensure smoother skin and to make sure all the hair comes off easily.

Mistake #3: A Last-Minute Wax At Home

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Have a hair emergency, but there’s no time to run to the parlour? That’s when most of us try to play beautician and experiment with at-home waxing kits. Unless you have experience, know what you’re doing and wax slowly in the proper direction, it’s only going to lead to disaster. Waxing in a haste and not really knowing whether you’re doing it right will mostly always result in breaking the hair or even bruising the skin. Just stick to good old shaving in such situations and leave the waxing to the professionals.

Mistake #4: Shaving With Soap

Using your usual bar of soap as a make-do alternative to shaving cream is a big no-no. Admit it, you’ve tried it at least once. Soap doesn’t provide enough protection to the skin and can cause razor burn as well as not let you have a close shave. Plus, using a razor with soap can be extremely drying for the skin. Please get your hands on shaving cream, otherwise your hair conditioner works way better than your bar of soap.

Mistake #5: Waxing Too Often

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It’s tempting to head to the salon at the first sight of stubble, but it’s essential to space out your waxing appointments. Wait at least 4 weeks before your next wax to avoid hair breakage and ingrowth. Your hair should be a quarter inch long at least for it to come off easily. Keep that in mind before making your next leg or bikini wax appointment.

Mistake #6: Waxing Around THAT Time Of The Month

Everything feels unpleasant and your skin is way more sensitive before, during and right after your period. Waxing is definitely extra painful during this time thanks to hormonal changes. Save yourself from a horrific experience and keep in mind your cycle when you consider getting waxed. The best time to wax is a few days after your period is over.

Mistake #7: Stretching Your Brows As You Tweeze

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Making faces, flinching and lifting your brows or pulling them taut while you tweeze can end in disaster. By doing so, you can throw off the symmetry you want and not be able to see the proper shape you want. Which could mean that you can end up over-tweezing. Just relax your face as much as possible while you pluck away those stray hairs.

Mistake #8: Not Moisturizing After

Simply wiping down your skin post shave or post wax isn’t enough, you need to moisturize to keep your skin hydrated and soft. Hair removal is a drying process. Use a gentle lotion that is fragrance-free as you don’t want to irritate your skin since it’s pretty sensitive after waxing or shaving.

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