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Taash Party! AWESOME Card Games To Play This Diwali!

Taash Party! AWESOME Card Games To Play This Diwali!
Yes, it's THAT time of the year! Here come, not only the patakas and the mithai, but also the poker chips and the taash! We bet the card parties have already started and in case you're looking for a list of all the card games you can try at the next one, this is exactly what you need!

The Classics

Teen Patti

If you celebrate Diwali, we're pretty sure you know how to play Teen Patti! It's a classic for a reason after all. And it never gets boring, thanks to the gazillion-ish variations people keep coming up with! Meena Bazaar, AK47 and 1942 Love Story to name just a few!

Here’s how to play it!


It's the one card game that beats every other card game - AND people all over the world will agree to that! If you know how to play Teen Patti, Poker won't be a tough one to learn or adapt to - the biggest difference is that you have to play with five cards on the table that are open for all and two that are dealt to you.fun card games poker 1

Here’s how to play it!


While it's a pretty Western game, it's a great one to introduce to your family and friends on Diwali. It's easy to grasp and still very interesting, especially for the people who only ever play Teen Patti!

Here’s how to play it!


Also known as Bluff, this one is another game you can play without betting money! The game is pointless to play with two people, though. The more the players, the more you can actually bluff. And as the name suggests, you need to have some super convincing lying skills to win this one!

fun card games bullshit

Here’s how to play it!


You might need multiple decks if you're 4 people or more who are playing, since each player gets dealt a minimum of 13 cards each. The first person to form their sets as the game goes on wins! While traditionally it can be played without money, you can always decide the stakes from start of the game.

Here’s how to play it!

Patte Pe Patta

The easiest card game in history! If you're a novice when it comes to cards, this is the one to start with. You can even play this game with two people. But mind you, it tends to get a bit monotonous after a while. It's also a great option for younger kids as there's no betting of money involved and the rules are super simple!

fun card games patte pe patta

Here’s how to play it? Ask your siblings!

The Daaru Ones

F*ck The Dealer

Like the name suggests, the dealer is seriously in for a hard time with this card game! It's all about numbers and guessing games, but if you're the dealer towards the end of the round, well, you're basically f*ucked because of the amount you have to drink. But don't worry, you get to mess with the person who plays dealer next!

Here’s how to play it!


The ultimate drinking game! And guess what? It's a card game too! Great one to end the night with because you definitely won't want to bet money once this game gets over. Just make sure to print out a set of rules - things tend to start getting a bit confusing a couple of minutes in.

cards kings

Here’s how to play it!


A card game about math and statistic that's actually a lot of fun? Yes, it's possible with Shithead! It's a game that tests your memory and math skills but of course it's pretty basic without getting alcohol involved. So grab a round of drinks and then you'll see how hilarious it can get!

Here’s how to play it!

The Totally Different Route!


Not everyone is a fan of taash, so why not mix it up with a round of Uno - even if it's just to throw everyone off! It's a blast from the past because, honestly, how many of us haven't played Uno when we were growing up?!

fun card games uno

Here’s how to play it!


The game that's all the rage these days! Play Taboo with your group of friends. Divide into two groups and find out which team has a better rapport! It's very similar to dumb charades, so you're sure to love it!

Here’s how to play it!

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