Looking For The Perfect Fit? 10 Pants That Flatter EVERY Girl!

Looking For The Perfect Fit? 10 Pants That Flatter EVERY Girl!
With winter setting in, we run to grab our favorite pants and  wear them too often! Wouldn’t it be great to have a bunch of different kinds of pants in our wardrobe to choose from every day? The kind that are not only flattering but also look super stylish - even if you don’t have a model-slim frame! So, here we have put together some of our favorite picks for the season, especially for the girls who - like MANY of us - have a bit of a tummy! Get your hands on some of them, and rock winter in style.  

1. The Skinny Ones For You!

1. Flattering Pants

Ladies, we can go for a more skinny look with the ideal kind of fit on the waist. High waisted jeans is your answer when you want to channel that lean silhouette on a night out! The key here is wear a top that is embellished or printed to take away attention from the waist. In fact, you can even go for a loose crop top with this!

Price: Rs 1,799. Buy it here .

2. The Flowy Palazzos!

2. Flattering Pants

These printed palazzos are the best combination of chic and trendy! We are loving the fall of the garment. With all that volume at the leg, nobody is going to bother looking anywhere else. Match this with a tucked in white top, add some bold silver elements to your neckline. You can go for the boho look by matching this with boots and a top in earthy tones too!

Price: Rs 2,499. Buy it here.

3. The Black One With A Twist

3. Flattering Pants.jpg

For the days we want to be super comfortable, this is almost perfect. From the fabric to the airy silhouette and that side tie up at the waist. This is pretty much what we dream of on days we just don’t want to make that effort to dress up! The bonus here is that even on those days you can look your stylish self by just getting into these pants!

Price: 1,195. Buy it here.

4. The Retro Cords

4. Flattering Pants

This delightful sailor pants are perfectly suited for the old-school soul! The meticulously aligned buttons on the sides flatten your tummy and take the attention to the sides instead of the center and because of the high waisted shape you can walk around without having to worry about anything!

Price: 1,495. Buy it here.

5. The Pretty Pleated Palazzos

5. Flattering Pants

With just the right amount of flares and the pleats at the right spot, this pretty powder blue palazzos definitely make it to our lust list! Match this with a crop top and some sweet looking jewelry pieces and flats. We are thinking of a pendant or some subtle earrings in pastel colours along with a peach colored top!

Price: 1,295. Buy it here .

6. The Tile-Printed Wonder

6. Flattering Pants

This intricately printed straight pants create an illusion of making the legs look longer and cutting the mid-section impeccably! The thin waist belt only adds a smart finish to the whole outfit! Wear this to formal get-togethers or add some bright accessories like a pop-coloured bag or shoes and make this your brunch outfit! Slipping into a pair of heels is always a good idea!

Price: Rs 1,399. Buy it here .

7. The Blast From The Past

7. Flattering Pants

We’re bringing back the flared denims from the 1970s to pump up your vintage game. Match these with plaid shirts, which are totally in this season, or go for a plain white top if you please. Don’t forget to add some platform heels while you are it and look like a heroine from our favorite Hollywood classics.

Price: 1,995. Buy it here.  

8. The Comfy Pair!

8. Flattering Pants

The relaxed fit of this earthy colored trousers is making us want to get into them now. The little cutesy motif makes this one a pair that we would love to put in our favorite column! Match this with creams and mustards to turn out stylishly even on the most chilled out days! You could even pair this with wedges or pumps.

Price: Rs 719. Buy it here.

9.The Hot Red Chino

9. Flattering Pants

These well fitted chinos are all that you need for the special occasions. With the well structured pleats and waistband, this pair is HOT! Wear this with black or white - either way you will look stunning. The fact that it stops right at the ankle gives you a chance to show off those lovely pair of stilettos too. Red just adds that unique dimension to your wardrobe and that’s why it’s a must-have!

Price: Rs 1,595. Buy it here.

10. The Uber-Stylish Pleated Number!

10. Flattering Pants

We are loving this superbly well tailored pair of trousers. That classic shade of navy makes it even more desirable. With the pleated details and that waist tie up in this crepe fabric, we for once, think this piece is totally worth all that money! Pair this with black pumps or sky high heels, you will look smashing! Don’t forget to add some sparkle at your ears too!

Price: 4,590. Buy it here.
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