#HeSays: 7 Fights Guys NEVER Want To Have With Their Girlfriends

#HeSays: 7 Fights Guys NEVER Want To Have With Their Girlfriends
There are some fights that we can’t avoid in a relationship - because, well, love is complicated and temperamental and all of that. But there are a few (kind of pointless fights) that we’d really rather not have because they’re basically going nowhere and end up with us (and you!) feeling way more upset than when the fight started. Here’s our list of fights that we really don’t want to have with you - and they’re totally avoidable too!

1. “Why didn’t you call me back?”

You know, this is mostly because we were doing something else at that time, and honestly didn’t realize it was a big deal for you. And by the time we figure that one out - it’s already too late, and you’re super mad. Please just accept it wasn’t done to annoy you, and let’s just talk about something else - now that we are talking?!

2. “What did you really mean?”

The answer is...nothing! Most of us are simple creatures, and there’s no hidden meaning behind our words. Please don’t fight with us because you’re trying to “interpret” our words and looking for their “real” meaning - what we say is exactly what we mean.

fights men avoid

3. “You’re just not making enough effort.”

Ladies, this one is a bit harsh, and makes us feel like everything that we do for you - and for our relationship - is inadequate. Of course there times when we could have done things better, but please acknowledge the fact that at least we tried?

4. “Why are you wearing that?”

Just as it’s annoying for you when we get mad about how long you took to get dressed, it is annoying for us when you get mad about what we’re wearing. Let’s just respect each other’s choices - and leave it at that?

fights men avoid

5. The “ancient history” fight

We’re fighting about something, and then you bring up something that we’d fought over weeks/ months/ years ago - which is SO not-nicel! Yes, we might have been at fault then, and maybe this time around it’s our fault too. But why can’t we leave the past in the past, and just try to resolve whatever’s wrong right now?

6. “Why aren’t you doing this the way I said?”

Ladies, we get it that it’s irritating when things aren’t put back in the place where you want them kept or there are towels on the floor, and stuff like that, but sometimes you even tell us how you think we should do other stuff - like comments about our driving and even our facial hair! NOT cool.

fights men avoid

7. The “silent treatment”!

The fight where you don’t even tell us what’s wrong - and we can tell you’re mad, but have absolutely no idea what you’re mad about! We’re not mind readers - so how will we fix things if we don’t even know what the things to fix are?!

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