5 Ways To Get A FAB Jawline (And Lose The Double Chin Too!)

5 Ways To Get A FAB Jawline (And Lose The Double Chin Too!)
Turkey necks might sound cute but they’re pretty unsightly. That layer of loose skin on your chin and neck (the Y-contour area) make you look bulky and add years to your actual age! Turkey necks can be caused by flaccid muscles, age and weight gain. No reason to fret though, with these simple steps, you can not only get rid of double chin and loose skin on your neck, you can also get a wonderful, firm and flawless Y-contour area.

1. Stay Hydrated

Firm neck and jawline

Hydrated skin is less likely to sag or wrinkle. Moist skin also tends to have a glow that dry skin lacks. We know it has been said a million times but it might be a good idea to consume at least 2 litres of water a day to avoid wrinkles.

2. Get Down With Facercises!

They are easy as compared to the planking and crunches we do for our core but they’re also super effective. Facercises target the muscles in your cheeks, your jawline, the muscles around your mouth and the muscles in your neck to help tone them and make you look younger. What’s more? There’s no special equipment required!

3. Chew More Often

Firm neck and jawline

This might sound funny, but chew like the cows do! Not only does chewing your food for longer curb hunger and aid digestion, it also works the muscles in your jawline and cheeks to make them stronger and firmer. But hey, only till your chewing action if effective. Do it in the confines of your bedroom if it’s too embarrassing ;)

4. Use The Right Products

An easier and faster route to a beautiful, model-like Y-contour area? The right products. Yes, a little help from the experts never hurt anyone. Pick a cream that not only reverses any signs of ageing (deep lines and wrinkles), it also tones your neck and jawline for a more toned, younger looking Y-contour.

5. Cut Calories

Firm neck and jawline

You can do a million exercises to target a specific area but sometimes the only solution is to lose weight. Some people only gain weight in the Y-contour area and unfortunately for those people, the only solution is to lose weight and count the calories they consume. Genetics plays a huge role in the shape and structure of our face and losing weight can help you achieve a firmer jawline.

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