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WHAT? Your Nail Polish Can Make You Gain Weight?!

WHAT? Your Nail Polish Can Make You Gain Weight?!
Do you feel incomplete when your nails aren’t painted a pretty shade? Do you have nail paint on your nails right now? Well, you’re definitely going to reach for your nail polish remover immediately after you read this.

You may be able to blame those extra inches on your thighs or waistline on your nail paint - believe it or not. According to a study by Drake University, a chemical known as TPHP (triphenyl phosphate) has been linked to endocrine irregularities, which can wreak havoc on your weight. This toxic chemical is a common ingredient in a majority of nail polishes and has been found to enter the human body through the nails. Yikes!

nail paint makes you gain weight

TPHP is added to nail lacquers to make them more flexible and durable, but at the cost of messing with our hormones. All 26 participants of the study had up to seven times the normal level of TPHP within ten to fourteen hours of painting their nails. To add to that, it seems like clear polish contains more of it – there goes our topcoat!

We’re pretty terrified by this new. So what’s the solution, ladies? We can’t give up our gorgeous manis for good! The only thing we can do is to check the label of a nail polish and make sure it doesn’t contain this toxic chemical. Also, applying nail paint on synthetic nails doesn’t increase your levels of it, so that’s an option you may want to explore. Whatever you do, remember to avoid getting your nail polish on your skin to prevent it from getting absorbed into your bloodstream. Stay safe, girls!

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