Dear Mom, 9 Reasons YOU Are My Hero!

Dear Mom, 9 Reasons YOU Are My Hero!
Dear Mom,

Whenever I try to tell you how special you are to me, words fall short. Right from the time when I was a tiny baby to the strong woman I’ve become today, you’ve never left my side. My pillar of strength and my mentor when I need that extra push. I may have never said this to you, but you’re my favourite person in whole wide world! Being your daughter makes me feel immensely proud and lucky. I want you to know that you inspire me in the littlest things you do.

Much love,

Your Daughter

1. You Treat Everyone With Respect And Dignity

From the local bhaji wala on the street to the neighbour who owns a Mercedes Benz, you’ve treated everyone equally always. You taught me that kindness and humility takes one a long way in life. Your riches don’t define you as a person, but the person inside of you does. A smile costs nothing, but it does make someone’s day better. Whoever I meet today, I keep your virtues in mind. I carry them in my heart and I do my bit to spread happiness wherever I can.

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2. You Juggle Between Work And Your Personal Life

Life is not a bed of roses - who would know that better than you? Prioritizing between work and family has never been easy, but you still make it look effortless. I know it gets tiring and sometimes it upsets you, but being the wonderwoman that you are, you never show it on your face. The world needs more people like you. People who know how handle their own problems and deal with them like they never existed in the first place. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, you’re amazing at what you do.

3. You Call Me Up Every Day To Check On Me

Even when you’re travelling on work or on vacation, there’s not one day that goes by without you picking up the phone and giving me a ring to ask me how my day is going. That’s the beauty of our bond. We keep in touch. No matter how busy you are, you still take the time out to talk to me. That’s something I need to learn. The importance of keeping touch with loved ones no matter how tied down with life one is. Thank you for teaching me this.

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4. You Make Sure I Never Go Hungry To Sleep

There are days where I’ve seen you sacrifice your sleep to make sure that I never sleep on an empty stomach. You take good care of me and make sure that I eat right. Your selfless nature is what inspires me the most. You love unconditionally even though you know love is bitter. It involves commitment and sacrifices. I project those exact qualities today. I’m more concerned about people’s happiness than my own. If there’s anyone I should be grateful to, it has to be you.

5. You Are The Peacemaker Of The Home

All families fight, but you’re the one who holds ours together. You look at anger and rage as temporary emotions. You fight for what’s right while keeping the peace in the house intact. We are a successful family only because of you. Going out of one’s way to prove one’s point is such a childish issue, and it’s not worth sacrificing the sanity of the house. Which is where you come in. Mending the bond with patience, love and understanding has always been your forte.

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6. You Are The Perfect Example Of An Independant Woman

There’s no one out there who can clip your wings. You live life according to your preference. You don’t need an extra helping hand because you do things on your own. That’s an attitude to be proud of! You have a powerful mind with an equally powerful will to achieve higher. That’s the woman I want to become. A woman who is self sufficient and can do things independently.

7. You Live To Have Fun

Life is not meant to be taken too seriously. That’s your mantra for smiling. I’ve seen it and I’ve heard people compliment you for it. You’ve always been able to see the good in every situation and smile at the smallest of life’s blessings. Someday, I want to be like you. At the end of the day, I want to go to bed with a smile on my face no matter how awful my day went. Unlike most people, you see the bigger picture of things and that’s exactly what gets you good sleep at night.

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8. You’ve Given Me The Best

The things you weren’t able to afford when you were a child... you never compromised over those when it came to my life. You’ve given me the best education, always made sure I had pocket money and fulfilled most of my material desires. As your daughter, it’s my duty and my turn to pamper you now with anything you’ve felt you missed out on in life. Just say it, and it will be done. That’s my promise to you.

9. You Make Me Stronger

Remember those times when I found maths tough? Or the time when you saw me break down after my first heartbreak? You could have easily chosen to not step in, but you did. You’ve always believed in me. Your support, love and patience has moulded me into becoming the successful woman I am today. You’ve taught me that in life, you must never give up on the people you love. They need you more than ever, and if you aren’t there for them, what is your purpose in this world?

Thank you for teaching me this - and everything - Mom.

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