What You Need To Know If He Has Too Many Friends Who Are Girls!

What You Need To Know If He Has Too Many Friends Who Are Girls!
Dating a guy who has many female friends is not the easiest thing you can put yourself through. Him double-dating or taking interest in other women are a few things that you’re always subconsciously worried about. But, ladies, not every guy is the same. There are gems out there too! Before you jump to conclusions, we urge you to think it through. Here are 7 things to know if you’re dating a guy who has many girl friends.

1. He’s With You For A Reason

dating a guy who has many girlfriends

Out of all the pretty girls he knows, he’s coming to your arms at the end of the day. He knows that there is something special about you that no girl he knows has. You not just understand him, you complete him. When he’s with you, life is blissful. Trust plays an important role here. Once you’ve realized that about your relationship, nothing can ever come between the two of you.

2. He’s Good With Words

One of the reasons why he’s popular among women is because he’s good with his words. He knows how to speak to them, keeping their emotions in mind. Women are able to strike a mental connection with him. Don’t feel insecure about him talking to women or women talking to him. Be proud that you’ve got a man most women desire. Take it as a compliment and keep your chin up.    

3. He Has A Sensitive Side To Him

dating a guy who has many girlfriends

Compared to most guys out there, your man has a sensitive streak in him that most women find attractive. He can empathize and be sensitive to the feelings of most women. He’s a gentlemen who’s a master at balancing emotions. When it comes to being your boyfriend, he can connect with you really well because he knows how a woman feels and thinks. He’s a man who cares not just for himself, but for your well being as well.

4. He Chats With Them On And Off

Yes, ladies, your man does occasionally chat with other women. The difference is, he knows when to draw the line. He knows that he has a beautiful girlfriend whom he is terribly in love with; and being faithful to her is his top priority. Our advice, don’t flip, trust him and give him his space. He’s yours and only yours.  

5. His Bestie Is Probably A Girl

dating a man who has many female friends

From all the girls he knows, there is one girl whom he’s most comfortable around. The kind of girl with whom he can be himself and disclose the most intimate details of his life. This is his female bestie. She’s with him and respects your role in his life too. She supports the two of you and will be with there to mend the bond if at all your relationship does hit rock bottom.

6. He’s Protective By Nature

When women talk to him, they feel safe and secure. As a person, he’s protective about every girl who is his friend. When they need his help, he’s the first one they think of calling. You can tell a lot about a man by noticing how he treats his female friends. If he treats them well and looks out for them, he’s going to do the same for you. Trust us, you’ve found yourself a keeper.

7. He’s Everyone’s Pocket Of Sunshine

dating a man who has many female friends

Seeing a girl sad or being the cause of it is something that goes against his nature. In his eyes, every girl deserves to smile; and he would do whatever it takes to make that happen. All his girl friends love this specific trait about him because it’s rare to find. You’ve got yourself your own bundle of joy. Hold on to him and never let him go!

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