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Crazy Thoughts We’ve All Had When We’ve Bunked College!

Crazy Thoughts We’ve All Had When We’ve Bunked College!
Chances are most of us have college at some point or another in our lives! It all starts out innocently, maybe you just didn’t feel like going in? Or hadn’t finished your assignment… or forgotten to record the award show that was on super late last night, and have, have, have to watch the re-run that’s on during the day?! Whatever your reasons, the day usually goes like this…!

1. Woo! No classes today! It’s going to be the Best. Day. Ever!

bunking class 1

2. What shall I do first?! Ah, yes! Modern Family new episode came out - time to get myself a big bowl of Chocos and watch that.

3. Ah, time for a relaxing bath - maybe I ll put some mood music and light a candle! So much nicer than the rushed shower in the morning before college!

4. Hope mom doesn’t come home and catch me in the bath, the fever excuse I used definitely won’t work and then I’ll get a lecture!!

5. Hmm.. Lemme check Facebook - see what everyone got up to during the weekend.

bunking class 5

6. I wanna post something, but I can’t - ‘coz then everyone will know that I’m not really sick!!

7. *Ring Ring* What the hell?! Is that the house phone? It never rings. What if it’s someone from the dean’s office? What if they have found out? OMG, I’m going to get expelled.

8. Okay, phew - just a wrong number.

9. Should I do some studying? Seems like a good idea - seeing as I didn’t go in because I hadn’t finished my assignment in the first place… hmm - maybe after watching some TV.

10. Oh, wow! Hum Saath Saath Hai is on… I lovedddd this film, maybe I’ll just watch a bit.

bunking class 10

11. *2 hours later after falling asleep on the sofa* Aww, what a cute movie…!

12. What now? I’m hungry - life seems so strange without lunch break.

13. No one has even texted me, aren’t they worried that I’m not in college?!

bunking class 13

14. Maybe I could step out for a bit, go to the market - oo, I could get that new mascara everyone’s been talking about.

15. But what about that time I ran into Shrishti Ma’am at the mall?

16. Will she be there too?

17. No, no - she’ll be at college - obvio!

18. BUT! What if she’s bunking too?!! OMGZ this is really getting complicated.

bunking class 18

19. I. literally. Have. Nothing. To. Do.

20. Let me check the group chat and see what’s up in class.

21. 28 notifications?? “#pinkweekend”

bunking class 21

22. What is “pinkweekend”?

23. Huh? What are they talking about? Nothing makes any sense

24. OMG, my social life is literally going to be over if I don’t find out what #pinkweekend means

bunking class 24

25. I literally cannot wait to go to college tomorrow.

GIFs: Tumblr

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