Things Biharis Are Tired Of Hearing

Bihari, And Proud Of It! (Enough With The Jokes, Folks!)

Natasha Vazirani

Guest Contributor

"Ek Bihari, Sau Bimaari!" - WTH! Folks, unlike popular belief, we DON’T all know how to speak fluent Bhojpuri or are on first name basis with Lalu Prasad Yadav. These are actually some of the most annoying things Biharis all over the world have to put up with hearing. Really, guys, isn't it high time we leave behind all the silly stereotypes behind us? Sure, a joke here or there isn't that offensive, but please, it isn't funny when you interrupt every time we say 'hum' instead of 'main'. It's the way some of us talk, get over it!

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Published on Nov 09, 2015
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