3 Amazing Uses Of Earbuds (NOT For Your Ears!!)

3 Amazing Uses Of Earbuds (NOT For Your Ears!!)
We all know the usual way in which Q tips are useful to us. But are there uses for them that you have no idea about? Here are some amazing additional uses of Q tips you will only be too happy to discover. And no, it does not include cleaning out your ears!

What You Will Need: Your favourite perfume or splash, a zip lock bag, water based moisturiser, Kohl, mascara and Q-Tips!!

Difficulty Level: Easy as tying your shoelaces!

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Use #1: Perfumed Q-Tips

Splash the ends of the cotton swabs with your favorite perfume and put them securely in a ziplock bag. This will ensure that the cotton swabs retain the scent. Use freely for touch ups through the day!

Use #2: Pimple Buster!

Cleanse your face with hot water and gently pat dry. While your skin is still soft from the hot water, take two cotton swabs and press them against the zit towards each other. This should ensure that the pimple comes out nice and clean!

Use #3: Smoky Eye Facilitator

Apply a foundation base to your eyes and line your eyes with a kohl liner as usual. Now take the cotton swabs and start smudging the liner in a side to side motion evenly. You can repeat the process if you want to make it darker. There, you have the perfect smoky eye!

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