8 Life-Changing Beauty Tricks You Can Do With A SPOON!

8 Life-Changing Beauty Tricks You Can Do With A SPOON!
Did you know the most handy beauty tool you have isn’t in your makeup pouch but in your kitchen drawer? From flawless foundation to gorgeous eyes, we bet you did not know these life-changing beauty hacks you could do with a spoon. Yes, we’re serious. Read on for some beauty miracles you didn’t know you could perform with a simple spoon. Who knew you could do so much with the same tool you use to eat cereal every morning?!

1. Curl Your Lashes

beauty tricks with a spoon

Want to up the ante with your lashes but can’t find your eyelash curler or are terrified of using one? No problem, just reach for a spoon instead. Just hold your spoon horizontally across your eyelid and gently press your lashes against the round edge for a few seconds. For a more effective curl, heat your spoon using a blowdryer first.

2. Flawless Foundation

Just before you apply your foundation, take a chilled spoon and run it over fine lines on your face in the direction of the lines. Do this a few times and then apply your base as you usually would. This simple trick helps temporarily smoothen those lines so your foundation won’t crease and appear cakey, giving you a more flawless complexion that looks more natural.

3. Zap That Zit

beauty tricks with a spoon 3

Every girl knows the horror of a pimple sprouting at the worst possible time ever. The next time you feel a zit coming on, you may want to try this easy tip. Just a run a spoon under hot water (make sure it’s not burning hot, though) for about a minute and then place the back of the spoon over the spot. Place pressure directly onto the zit, the heat will help settle it and save you from an annoying situation.

4. Mascara Minus The Mess

By placing the rounded part of a spoon at the base of your lashes while applying mascara, you can prevent getting product on your skin by accident. This hack can save you from the headache of getting mascara everywhere and having to clean up your eye makeup and starting all over again. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

5. Get Rid Of Bags And Puffiness

beauty tricks with spoon 2

Keeping a spoon in your freezer will come to your rescue for fresher looking eyes. Try this on a morning when you’re hungover or simply haven’t had enough to sleep and it shows. Place the back of a cold spoon below your eyes with just a tiny bit of pressure or you can even massage it around the eye. It will instantly help de-puff the area as the cold will help constrict the blood vessels and improve blood flow for brighter looking eyes.

6. A DIY Marble Manicure

Fill white nail paint in a spoon and then add a few drops of a colour of your choice. Mix it with a bobby pin and then roll your nail into the mixture for a cool marble effect. Clean the skin around your nails with a Q-tip dipped in in nail polish remover. You can even try this with a single colour if you’re really bad at applying nail paint.

7. Perfect Those Winged Eyes

beauty tricks with a spoon

If you’ve always failed miserably at drawing those fabulous flicks and sexy cat eyes, just pick up your spoon and give this a go. Take a small spoon and place the handle at an angle against the outer corner of your eye and draw a line along it. Then flip it over and place the round part just above the line at an angle so you can draw along it to connect the wing to your lash line - the curve helps create shape. Fill in the flick you’ve just drawn. Voila, you’ve just perfected that one eyeliner move that can notch up any look.

8. Shape Your Brows Perfectly

Try this trick while tweezing your brows or to fix their shape. Place the round part of a spoon just under your eyebrows and use an eye pencil to trace its shape. The edge of the spoon is the perfect arch for your brows. Using this outline, you can start plucking them into shape or simply fill in your brows with eyeshadow for beautifully defined eyebrows.

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