7 Things He Does To Make Me Melt - No Matter How Angry I Am!

7 Things He Does To Make Me Melt - No Matter How Angry I Am!
You know what they say: boys will be boys. And they'll never stop driving you up the wall with the crazy stuff they pull sometimes. It's like they don't even understand why we're angry! But the good thing is, they do sometimes accept responsibility for their totally maddening actions and try to make up for them. Here's what my boy does when I'm angry enough to bite him - and not in a sexy way!

1. Offers me a backrub

And a foot massage. And combs my hair out. (How can I resist a home spa?! And OMG, the bliss!!)

2. Orders in my favourite meal

Because, let's be honest, food brings peace into our lives. And he has accepted that his cooking is (occasionally) not up to my standards. :P

adorable things he does 2

3. Gives me control of the remote. For the whole week.

And because it's such a sacrifice, I sometimes switch the channel to something he wants to watch (and I don't hate). #ThankGodForMasterchef

4. Cuddles me. Relentlessly.

Hugs, kisses…well, hundreds of kisses. Yeah, I know I sound spineless, but I cannot win the battle against a hundred butterfly kisses across my face.

love 4

5. Writes me long, rambling emails about embarrassing things he did as a teenager

With the disclaimer “Hey, I know you’re mad, but at least I didn’t fuck up THAT badly now, did I?”

6. Sends me goofy selfies

With permission to put them up on social media if I choose to. (I never do it, but it's nice to know he's willing to be made fun of - if that's what it takes to get things to even keel between us. But I do take screenshots and save them. Just in case!)

love 6

7. Says sorry. Like he means it.

Because when he makes an adorable puppy face and says “I don't think really understand why that was so wrong, but I'm SO sorry it upset you” - HOW can I stay angry with him?! <3 <3 <3

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