Is The Lob The Perfect Hairstyle For YOU Too?

Is The Lob The Perfect Hairstyle For YOU Too?
Gorgeous, fun and universally flattering - it’s no wonder the LOB continues to be one of the hottest hairstyles around. Plenty of celebs have swapped their long locks for this shorter, sleeker do - and we definitely think you should too, for a refreshing change. It’s a style that anyone can pull off easily, no matter what your age or hair texture. It really is a haircut you can’t go wrong with and we give you a few reasons why the LOB suits everyone - just in case you don’t believe us already. Oh, and don’t worry, it really is easy to pull off with minimum styling.

1. It’s Not Too Short

why the LOB suits everyone

If you’re wary of going super short but definitely want a dramatic change, the LOB is perfect for you. This shoulder-grazing style is short and sleek but not too short. It’s still long enough to style easily and pull back into a ponytail.

2. It Will Suit Your Texture

It doesn’t just look fab on straight hair but on wavy and curly hair too. Your stylist can layer and texture it if you have thick hair and give you a blunt cut if it’s fine. The great thing is you can tailor it according to your hair type to ensure that it works for you.

3. Your Face Shape Doesn’t Matter

why the LOB suits everyone

Believe it or not, but whether you have a round face or you’re a square one, diamond or heart, it will flatter you. The LOB is probably the only haircut that suits just about any face type, you can add bangs to it or not to help it flatter you even better. How else do you think everyone from Kim K to Sonakshi Sinha has been rocking this style with effortless ease?

4. It’s A Fresh Start For Your Mane

Now you can get rid of dry or damaged hair by snipping off all those split ends while looking uber fabulous and on-trend. It’s like a fresh new start for your hair to help it look healthier, fuller and super glam.

5. It’s Fuss-Free

why the LOB suits everyone

Your stylist will layer and texturize your new, shorter crop to work according to your hair type. Just because you’re going shorter doesn’t mean you have to spend ages styling it. It’s just the opposite. This haircut will actually save you plenty of time and fit into a busy schedule perfectly. On days when you don’t have time to blowdry and style, just add in a bit of product and rock those #IWokeUpLikeThis selfies. If you have wavy to curly hair then use an anti-frizz cream like L’Oreal Professionnel Spiral Splendour Nutri Control Cream For Dry Curl (Rs 575), and try a texturizing product like Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray (Rs 788) if you have straight hair.

6. You Can Pick Your Length

There is no exact length that defines the LOB. It can be anywhere from chin length to shoulder level, so you can decide a length that you’re comfortable with. Ask your stylist to give you a length that will be manageable and give you longer or shorter layers depending on your hair texture (to help make it super manageable).

7. It Helps You look Ageless

why the LOB suits everyone

From 48-year old Nicole Kidman to 27-year Anushka Sharma, the LOB flatters you irrespective of your age. It definitely does help you look young, spunky and every bit as gorgeous as any of these A-listers. You don’t need an army of professionals to help you look like them - just the right cut, and you’re all set.

8. It’s Oh-So-Refreshing

As much as we love long locks, there’s nothing unique about it. The LOB is such a refreshing crop to try to instantly help you look and feel amazing and give you a fresh, new makeover. From our very own desi girl gone international, Priyanka Chopra, to Jessica Alba, just look at how much fun these famous beauties are having.

Images: Shutterstock and Viral Bhayani

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