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Dear Sister, THIS Is Why You’ll Always Be My Best Friend!

Dear Sister, THIS Is Why You’ll Always Be My Best Friend!
Dear Sister,

I know there are times we fight like crazy, call each other names and swear never to talk to each other ever again! But no matter what happens, we know at the end of the day, we will always be there for and love each other! You are my guiding light and the one that calms me down when there is a storm inside me. Here are a few reasons you’re my best friend!



1. Because no matter how many times you hear me rant about the same thing and how irritated you seem to get…

You still listen to me patiently each time.

love my sister  1

2. Because even when I steal your clothes when you’re not around and you scold me for doing that…

You still let me take them time after time!

3. Because when I get into trouble with mom and dad…

I know you’ll be there to try and calm the situation down!

love my sister

4. Because what would I do without you on all those family vacations?!

It would be no fun without my favourite shopping partner!

5. Because I know I can always count on you for an honest opinion…

You will never tell me I’m right when I’m wrong, or the other way round - even if it might upset me sometimes!

love my sister

6. Because even though we fight like crazy sometimes…

There is no one else I can spend that much time with and still never get bored of!

7. Because when you’re around…

I feel calm even when I’m actually really stressed.

love my sister

8. Because when I’m flying on my high horse at times…

You bring me back down to earth and keep me grounded!

9. Because even after having lived with me and shared a room…

You still love me unconditionally! (We both know I can be slightly difficult sometimes. :P)

love my sister

10. Because you’ve seen me at my worst and my best…

But for you, I’ve always just been me.

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