Thoughts EVERY Girl Has When A Guy Goes Down On Her…!

Thoughts EVERY Girl Has When A Guy Goes Down On Her…!
Guys might think that our brains go blank when they go down on us, but let's face it ladies, that's so not the case. Here are a few thoughts every girl has when a guy goes down on her!

1. OMFG, this is happening. Finally!!!

2. Oh dear. I hope things look nice down there.

guy going down 2

3. And I guess I smell fine. Else he wouldn’t be looking so happy.

4. Oooo, that tickles!!

guy going down 4

5. I take back every negative thought I've had about his facial hair. That stubble is really working for me right now.

6. Okay, he's spending way too much time in the surroundings. Get to it already, man!

guy going down 6

7. Maybe, I'll just grab onto his hair and direct him a LITTLE bit to the side.

8. Wait, did he gel his hair? Hmm, awkward…

9. WHOAA, jackpot!

guy going down 8

10. AND he's putting those hands to good use too!

11. Am I strangling him with my legs? Oh, who cares!!

guy goes down10

12. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!

13. Wow. Wow. Okay. Breathe. Don't pass out.

guy going down 12

14. *Blissed out smile*

15. He's totally expecting me to return the favour, isn't he? Oh well, he DID earn it. ;)

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