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This Is What The First Day Of Living With In-Laws Is Like!

This Is What The First Day Of Living With In-Laws Is Like!
The first day of your married life is a total frenzy! You wake up in a new room, alongside the man you wed last night, and in a home that you are going to share with him and his family. You want to ease into this life, and yet you don’t want to let go of your last one either… In the aftermath having just gotten married, here are 11 things you go through. (We speak from experience!)

1. You wake up worrying whether you slept for too long

All those festivities that went late into the night, they left you super tired - yet you wake up early next day to get to the business of being the perfect daughter-in-law, ‘coz you sure don’t wanna be the bride who kept sleeping while everyone left for work!

2. You can’t decide what to wear

Yes, you have an entire trousseau full with great new clothes to choose from, but that’s exactly what makes deciding so tough, specially when you don’t have your sister around to help you choose. Will a suit be too casual or a sari too much?? Uff!

first day of married life 2

3. You have a new room

And you have to set it all up. But it’s so weird because you have to share it with your husband, and have to smoothly edge in. Plus you can’t help wondering if all your stuff will actually ever fit in.

4. You have to cook your first meal for the entire family!

You may not have to feed the entire family (oh, thank goodness!), but you do have to make your best food ever at least once, ‘coz first impressions matter! But it’s a new kitchen and you don’t know where to reach for what thing, and you’re just super worried about family elders not liking the taste of your food.

married woman 4

5. All this while, you feel super tired, and just want the post-wedding ceremonies to end

You haven’t slept in days - what with the many preparations, and specially after the night before when you had to wear that super heavy lehenga with all that jewellery and makeup - it left you completely exhausted. All you need is 48 hours of undisturbed sleep now.

6. You can’t wait for your honeymoon, though

A vacation sounds really fun, plus what better way to get to know the man you’re going to spend your entire life with some more, right?

first day of married life 6

7. You find yourself too busy to reply back to your friends’ texts too

You want to text everything that’s happening to your bestie, but there’s just something or the other happening, and someone is always asking for your attention, and you find it difficult to even talk to her. You hope she understands, and doesn’t think your priorities have shifted already.

8. You hate all those relatives who keep staring at everything you do...

Yes, you’re the new one around, and your in-laws try to ease you in and get you familiar with the customs and traditions at your new home - but those chachis and mamis with their watchful eyes totally creep you out!

first day of married life  8

9. You really, really hope your in-laws like you!

And so you try to be at your best behaviour possible, doing things that are expected of you - trying to remember all the names and customs right.

10. But among all these new people, you miss your family terribly

Just hearing your mom on the phone, from so far away, makes you burst into tears. How you wish you could just have brought her along!

first day of married life 10

11. You still can’t get over the fact that you’re married!

It happened so quickly, you can’t believe how fast those months flew away! You have a husband now, you keep wondering how your married life is going to turn out like...

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