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What Do You Secretly Fear? Here’s What Your Zodiac Says...

What Do You Secretly Fear? Here’s What Your Zodiac Says...
Each one of us have our own set of fears. Things that scare us or we are afraid of. Our zodiac sign does - to a great extent determine our personalities - which have a huge role to play in what our intrinsic fears are! Let’s find out what your zodiac sign says about your deepest fears...


You, Aries, are one who loves adventure, yet looks for internal peace and calm. Your personality as such is one of a loving and giving person. You fear instability and separation in your relationships and outside of them too. Having a dull, monotonous life is also something you deeply dread.
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While you are comfortable in your skin, sudden changes in any aspect of life make you uncomfortable. You, Taurus, are a very level headed person and know what you want. Being put out of your comfort zone and inconsistency are two things you fear the most. what people fear


The thought of having a lonely life scares you, Gemini. You fear not being able to express yourself openly and follow your passions. While you like a good challenge and can’t resist taking it up, the competitive streak in you makes you fear not being the best at everything you do! what people fear


Rejection of any kind is your biggest fear. You are a people's person, Cancer, and like to be cherished by those in your life. Not feeling loved and wanted back forces you into a shell you then find it hard to break out of. what people fear


For you, Leo, the thought of being dispensable and replaceable is scary. You are your own person and take a stand for what you believe in. But being ignored by those you love, and feeling unappreciated and not being valued are things you deeply fear. what people fear


You are an orderly person, Virgo, and like things done a certain way. Disorder is one of your biggest fears and being unproductive is something you fiercely dislike. Along with fearing chaos, you also dread not being heard out or listened to.
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Peace and harmony are two of the most important elements in life for you, Libra. You don’t like fights and arguments in your life or around you. You like to keep those around you happy. Because of that, one of your biggest fears is upsetting people and seeing them unhappy because of you. what people fear


While you are fierce and passionate, Scorpio, you are also extremely guarded as far as your emotions are concerned. You do not like being lied to, and failure scares you. Your biggest fear, however, is having people really know your deepest emotions and insecurities. what people fear


You, Sagittarius, are a free bird. You go where life takes you and are full of energy and creativity. Being controlled is something you do not take well. Being tied down to something and not being able to live life on your own terms is something you truly fear. what people fear


Capricorn, you are ambitious and practical at the same time. You wear your heart on your sleeve and like to say what you feel. Not being good enough at something you put your energy into and being misunderstood are things you fear deeply. what people fear


You, Aquarius, love to help and be there for people. Being taken for granted is something you find difficult to deal with. Being shut out of someone’s life who you care for and not being able to help them are things that you fear the most.
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You don’t like criticism, Pisces. You dread it. You are sensitive, loyal and compassionate. You fear confrontation, too. Not being able to understand people and being misunderstood yourself in the process is something you try and avoid as much as you can. what people fear GIFs: tumblr, giphy MUST-READ: How Emotional Are You? Let’s See What Your Zodiac Says… MUST-READ: How Bad Is Your Temper? Let’s See What Your Zodiac Says…