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#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Secretly Want In Bed

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Dear ladies, here's something on behalf of the gentlemen you're nice enough to let into your bedrooms. A few things we want from you, but are often too shy to say!

1. Be a bit naughty

Ladies, as much as we love romance (and you), we also like things a bit spicy. Sex is intense, yes - but it should also be fun! Feel free to tease us a little. Be bold, tell us that you've got on nothing underneath your dress - even if you're somewhere else and we aren't together. Trust us, it's gonna be a wild ride when we finally get to the bedroom.

what men want in bed

2. Let's mix it up?

Yes, we all have our favourite positions and the order in which everything seems the best. But spontaneity has its own kind of thrill. Let's break out of the routine and try something different. We'll both arrive at the same destination eventually - but by a different route!

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3. Ask us about our fantasies - and keep an open mind

Sometimes we want to try new things, something that may not be strictly conventional. But we hesitate to say it out loud because we worry about you thinking of us as pervy. Ask us, please? It might be something as innocuous as doing it front of a mirror, or something totally crazy that you'll not want to try - either way, we'll be happy to just be asked without sounding like we're imposing. And we promise that we will always, always hear you out when it comes to your fantasies!

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4. Get on top?

We love it when you take control sometimes. Sex is hard, calorie-burning work, so we love it even more when you're doing more of it, and we can be, uh, relatively relaxed. Of course, we don't want you to have to do ALL the work all the time - just, you know, equitable division of labour. ;-)

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5. Remember that we’re sensitive elsewhere too

Anything that you do to us down there is likely to get us turned on, sure. But just like you, we have other erogenous zones, beyond the obvious. We're not lucky enough have boobs that can be fondled, but plenty of other parts can be trigger points too. Some of us have sensitive ears, some of us have sensitive necks - please feel free to explore our bodies as diligently as we explore yours.

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6. Talk to us

Tell us when we turn you on, when it's good for you, talk dirty to us. We'd like to believe that we're rocking your world - hearing you endorse it is going to help us do it better!

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7. Never hold back

The one thing we want more than anything else. To make you feel absolute pleasure as we find ours. So please never be distant - it's worse than if you were to not be in bed with us at all. Don't hold back - we certainly won't!

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Published on Oct 14, 2015
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