#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Think During Sex

#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Think During Sex
They say that men can’t really multitask; and to some extent that’s true - we can’t, not like you ladies. Especially when it comes to sex - we’re not really capable of having too many coherent thoughts while the blood in our body is busy flowing away from our brains. But do believe us that sex is as special, as momentous to us as it is to you. And there are some thoughts that even our addled minds can process. Here’s what the guy - any guy - in bed with you is thinking.

1. She has the most perfect body ever...

Ladies, no matter what you think about your bodies - fit/ unfit/ thin/ chubby, whatever - we love them. And there’s no body more perfect in the world than one that has been undressed and bared to us.

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2. God, I hope she’s enjoying this as much as I am!

We’re having so much fun, and we’re very, very turned on - you can tell from our bodies. You ladies, unfortunately for us, are...less obvious. So we worry. We wonder if you could be deriving as much pleasure out of this as we are. It doesn’t seem possible - but we hope desperately that it’s true!

3. Can I ask her to XXX? Will she think I’m weird?

Sometimes we want to try out something different or something new. And we’re nervous about it. After all, we don’t want you to shock us into kicking us out of the bedroom.

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4. OMG, I want to last longer!!

We want this to go on. Forever. Or, at least until you’ve had a million orgasms first. But forever would be better.

5. How does she know how to do that?!

Sometimes, you do things that basically drive us mindless with pleasure. The only thought we’re capable of at that point is a very vague curiosity about where you learnt it.

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6. Wow. That just happened!!

An orgasm is great - and along with it comes some disbelief about it actually having happened. That we’re here, with you, naked and happy - how on earth did we get so lucky?

7. Can we do it again?

We’re greedy. That’s our only excuse!

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